Blogger challenge- Minotaur

Next up is the Minotaur. A half human, half Bull creature of myth and lore.
I wanted to do something….sexy and move away from the old feeling, but usually Minotaur aren’t sexy. I had to really think on this one!

 So I bring you Minotaur Akira!

Full body picture, its pretty hot….

Face Close up…her eyes close v.v   They are bright green eyes. 

and a close up of the silks, which are beautiful in themselves.
Skin, hooves, tail, horns: Half-Demoness avatar
Shape: My own
Hair:  .:EMO-tions:. AMNESIA hair
Eyes:  [Plastik] -vae collection- Fool
Lashes: ::EAB:: Ms March Eyelashes by LDK
Nails: *Deviant Designs* Twisted Hunt Prize
1.: [Z] Colors Eyeliner – Eyeliner
Necklace and piercings: .:ellabella:. Kimbra
Belly pierce: .HW. SpikeZ – Belly Piercing- WCF
Silks: HUDSON’S Ladies Wine Tied Silks Set

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