Here kitty, kitty, kitty…

I’m here to show you some free gifts from the Dark Katz hunt 4!
These prizes are centered around nekos, but can be worn by anyone 😀

You will find eyes, clothing, neko parts, hair, and much more doing this hunt. There are a total of 58 stores participating. A short hunt you can finish in a day or so, there is also a blog to find out more information HERE.

The hints are HERE.

Now on to the free yummies!

Pic #1

Full outfit (clothing, shoes, jewelry) LoveCats – Scratch that itch female (also comes with a male version)
Pic #2

Full outfit (skirt, jacket) мoтιvactιon  Please B*tch mini skirt and Let’s Ride! Short jacket (Both Mesh, several sizes, shoes NOT included.)
Pic #3

full outfit (clothing, scarf) Vero Modero – marine set (clothing layers, resize script jacket and shirt bottom)
Glasses: K_gs Fledermaus/DKH4
Pic #4

Shorts: Sn@tch – Feline shorts (Mesh, lots of sizes, 8 colors)
Piercing: I-Poke Winter
Eyes: Impish – Nekoeyes (Size and brightness change via HUD)
Pic #5
Eyes: Zombie Suicide – Summer Eyes (2 colors, blue and pink. Can be worn separately or together.)
Makeup: Pink Acid Catherine Full Face Makeup – Bubble Gum Pink (several colors and options, all makeup layers)
Glasses: Razor /// Carbon Fiber Glasses

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