Featured hunt gifts: Season’s Palette hunt 3 pt. 4

In the next few days, I will be featuring gifts from several hunts that will be taking place very soon, or have started in the last few days. 
The first of these hunts is the Season’s Palette hunt 3.
This hunt revolves around any of this season’s “Color Palette” and includes everything from clothing to furniture, poses to accessories.
You can see my information post here: *click me!*
Read the first post here *Click me!*
Here is the color Palette:
You will start you hunt *HERE*
Other then that, there will be no links to the stores, or hints. 
You can find everything you need at the home page of the hunt.

** = Not from hunt.
**Skin – Lili Skins – Myra, moonbeam in Beige
**Hair – Alice Project, Taste the rainbow hunt

**Shoes – 7 Exits, Purity**
Outfit 1:
Bikini – Hot Stuff
Outfit 2:
Top – Slave (color change HUD included)
Pants – Ciel Skye Clothing Co. (sophee cargo pnants)
Pants – Ciel Skye Clothing Co. (Landon cargo pants)
Outfit 3:
Outfit – Trinite

Outfit 4:
Dress- Anymore Store

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