New Releases from DBF, Cute Poison, Tameless, and Trinitè. Plus…the Inventory Meme..dun dun dunnnn.

Today I bring you some new releases \o/
The first new release is from Deluxe Body Factory (DBF).
Miyo is another Asian inspired skin set and features:
* Asian skin with 4 faces, one natural plus 3 makeup.
* 4 skin tones (fair, cream, ivory, tan)
* 5 optional pubic hair on tattoo layer
* Lola’s Tango Applier for skin (fair, cream, ivory, tan)
* SLINK appliers for hands and feet
* Realistic and petite Asian female shape, 1.73m/5’7″, modifiable
* Modifiable eyebrow shaper
* Alpha layer to hide system eyelashes
* Styling card and wind-light settings
This pack will cost you 1,995 $L.

Next up we have new hairs from Tameless.
 A new color change Mesh short hair called Joan and comes in both Fantasy, and Naturals. 
This is a Mesh short hair.
Shown here in Fantasy –  Bubblegum.

The second Hair is Citrine.
 A Mesh color change long hair that comes in both Naturals, and Fantasy packs. 
Shown here in Naturals – Ruby.

Each color pack is 249$L.  
The Mega Pack with all colors are 499$L..
The piercings I am wearing, along with the earrings are the new releases from Cute Poison for SL Fashion Week.
You can purchase these earrings either in the fatpack for a HUGE discount on price, or you can get them separately.
Shown here in Melty green >.<
The earrings are 125$L each, or 500$L for the fatpack.

And the facial piercings are color change Via HUD.
 There are 8 colors for the star and then 4 for the metal. 
It is a one piece Mesh item. 
This will cost you 125$L

The top I am wearing is the newest release from Trinitè.
Nina is a base layer shirt with an applier for tangos breasts. 
This shirt is available in 5 colors.
The shirts are 99$L each color, or 200$L for the fat pack.

And now for the meme!
We all know about Strawberry Singh’s famous memes, so I thought I would try my hand at it.
Meme Instructions: Copy and paste the questions and answers below, delete my answers and input your own. 

What is your current inventory number? – 36,276
If you had to delete your whole inventory and could only keep one thing, what would it be? – Probably my blog folder, at least I can restart from there…or my cStar skins folder, I have SO many skins from there!
What is the last thing you purchased?  Purchased single, or a gacha prize?
Single – MG – Garter – Parisian Jewelled (Limited bazaar item)
Gacha – Discord Designs – Codie hairs, because these things are bad ass fact I am still looking for the Scilla color if anyone wants to trade for the rares.

Which items do you wear most often? –  Loals mesh breasts, shape and lashes by Mar, SLink nails.

When you search for the word penis, how many items pop up? (No lying!) Uhm…3.
I apparently picked up a pair of Penis wings form somewhere, and a noobie penis…why?   I’ll let you know when I know.

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