Stop Staring, they don’t talk!

Today’s post features some new releases from Dystorted!
Dystorted has released an array of half tops featuring fun sayings! 
Each shirt includes a base layer shirt and comes with an applier for Tangos.
Now, the shirt sayings only work on the applier, the shirts are blank underneath, so ladies, you need to have the teets for these XD
Each shirt is 50$L a color, and there are several colors to choose from.

First shirt – 
Stop Staring they don’t talk

Second Shirt –
They are called boobs
Light blue

Third Shirt – 
Fuck Off

Fourth Shirt – 

Fifth shirt – 

Sixth Shirt – 
I wish these were brains



Poses – 
Diesel Works S&S Hunt Female2 (Past hunt gift, N/A)

Other things worn:
Body – 
Skin: :F: GACHA_Lola_05 -> *Tone( Ivory ) RARE (75$L gacha play)
Skin applier for Tangos: :F: Tone Ivory (not free)
Hair: Hype – Lucky // Platinum (past 13$L fatpck, N/A)
Hair Base: ^;^CaTwA^;^ HairBase/Platinum (free on marketplace)
Eyes: .ID. Reflections / Free Pair / Sunset (free for everyone)
Nail Applier: Blah. (ABPO3 Exclusive Hunt Slink Nail applier Set, free, look for cupcake)
Makeup – 
1.: Pink Acid Donut Glazed Lip Gloss – Pinky (ABPO3 Exclusive Hunt gift, free, look for cupcake, comes in a pack with others)
2.: cStar Limited – Cat Liner – 009 – Hardcore Cat (75$L Gacha play)
Jewelry – 
Collar: .:Dystorted:. Posture Collar (part of Syren outfit)
Earrings: Cute Poison – Wing Ear Piercings (past event exclusive, N/A)
Facial Piercings: Cute Poison – Disarray Piercings (August GG, free to join)
Rings: Cute Poison – Star Ring Black (25$L gacha play)
Belly piercings: …:::Scrub:::… Death in my belly Piercing Mesh F (not free)
Clothing – 
Shoes: RO – Hobnails – female – leather (Not Free)
Skirt: [ SAKIDE ] Hakari Skirt (not free)
Knee band-aid: .Pekka. Ouchi Knee (free in store)


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