New release – Hype

Today’s post features a brand new release from Hype!
Hype has released a new skin called Angel.
Angel is the first of the women’s skin line, and she is *STUNNING*
We’ll be focusing on the faces and tones in the post!
First off, here are some things you should know about Angel:
Angel is sold in tone packs which include:
4 Main Skins (Brow/Cleavage options)
2 Brow Layers
1 Lipstick Layer
1 Eyeliner Layer
1 Teeth Layer
6 Pubic Hair Layers
There are 8 skins in total!
Shown here in the cleavage, w/ brow option.
There are also extras available for purchase such as lipsticks, eyeliners, and eye shadows, along with a shape for her later on.
In the pictures I am wearing the Lipstick add-on, eyeliner, and the teeth addon. All are on makeup layers.
Angel can be purchased at the Hype Mainstore for 1,000$L a tone, or 3,500$L for all tones.
Now on to some pictures!!


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