I *didn’t* have a twintails…Remarkable Oblivion Photo contest submission

Today’s post features my submission for the RO photo contest.
So Remarkable Oblivion is holding a competition for the most creative use of a product by them.
The rules are simple;
Your picture MUST feature an RO product
Your picture MUST be unedited, meaning no outside help from anything!
Your picture must be NEW, no using the blog post picture you used 3 weeks ago.
Only ONE submission, per Flickr account.
Time to show off those Halloween costumes.
What are we playing for?
Mask Zero
A mask so rare, it doesn’t even EXIST yet.
Remarkable Oblivion released a raffle board for the 13 Remarkable nights of Oblivion.
13 masks total…..to NEVER be made, or sold again.
Raffle board slaps are the ONLY way to when these masks of awesomeness.
Sample their products here:
So here is mine:
Better quality shot here
I could sit here and list everything from RO in this picture, but the list would be longer then my post its self.
If you REALLY have a burning desire to know, just ask me and I’ll tell you.
This is what happens when you have an item I want and refuse to give it to me…I take it by force!
How is this a Halloween costume you might ask?
Easy, there is nothing creepier then a stalker who will kill for you.
Other items used:
Area: Personal build
Hoodie: [Aux] Goat  Hoodie – Dark (free in the PULSE game)
Skirt: !TLB – {MESH} Easy Rider Skirt (Not Free)
Skin: ~PixyStix~ ::Hayden:: 04 Demon Inside v2 NCL NoBrow  (1$L in Horrorfest hunt)
Blood Splatter: Nomine (N/A)
Hair: [Castellian] Olivia Hair – Black (1$L in store)

And a few close ups for some details.
Mind you, my graphics are turned WAY down for these.


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