Super Heroines, Super Villains …and their boobs

Katnipz Events brings us another boobie themed hunt for those of us more…well endowed ladies.
I present you, the Super Heroines, Super Villains, Super Boobs Hunt:
Now, before we look at these SUPER sexy and awesome gifts, here is some info you’re going to need!
When– November the 15th – December the 15th
All the gifts will be spratically spread out all over the sim!
Price– 5$L
Type – A boobie friendly hunt!
Hunt Item– A POW! sign
Put on by–  Katnipz Events.
 They brought us Alice in Boobie Land Hunt, Cirque Du Freak hunt, and weekly sales events!
What makes it unique– The owner of Katnipz wanted this to be a fun and challenging hunt for the designers and the hunters a like. So instead of doing a hunt where all you’ll get is the known sexiness like Catwoman and Wonder Woman all the time, you’ll be getting a DIFFERENT character at every stop!
Some designers even took on 2 characters!
The 2nd character will be put out in their store/stall for the duration of the hunt for 20$L.
Now, on to some gifts!
Also, I will be doing wiki links to all the characters so you can get acquainted with them \o/ 
First, the skin I am using is actually one of the hunt gifts I previewed earlier in *this* post.
Being offered up by C.C.K., the Heart Of Fire Skin is inspired by The Phoenix from X-Men.
Included is the skin and appliers for Tangos, and Phat Azz, and a pair of Meshy, tintable eyes!
.Super Heroine/Villain: The Phoenix
Hair: *NEW* Tameless Viveka – Naturals (Not Free)
Shoes – Ho Wear: #2::DUCE::2# Stomped boot charcoal (Not Free)
Pose: Apple Spice – Action Pose 013 (Not Free)
.Super Heroine/Villain 1: Mmm….Kay!
 Enchantress – 20$L special
.Super Heroine/Villain  2: NewtiQue
.Super Heroine/Villain  3: Ravnous
.Super Heroine/Villain 4: Anymore Store
.Super Heroine/Villain 5: Wicked Sins Creations
.Super Heroine/Villain 6: PixyStix
.Super Heroine/Villain 7: Souled Out
Vampirella –20$L Special
.Super Heroine/Villain 8: ImpTail
.Super Heroine/Villain 9: Glasgow Grin
.Super Heroine/Villain 10: FCDesigns
.Super Heroine/Villain 11: Besieged 
.Super Heroine/Villain 12: PopTart
.Super Heroine/Villain 13: Stelloane
.Super Heroine/Villain 14: Fujiwara’s World 
.Super Heroine/Villain 15: Toxic high
.Super Heroine/Villain 16: Fulana’s
.Super Heroine/Villain 17: F.K.
.Super Heroine/Villain 17: Tits Up

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