Peppermint Twist

Today’s post is going to be rather interesting to do.
I’m blogging an all NEW avatar, and…it’s a kind I have never blogged before.
Today I am…a furry.
But not just ANY furry, a Peppermint Dazzle Bat to be precise.
Offered up as a FREE advent calender gift from Kinzart Kreetures, this furry is not just a plain furry av.
Included in this all FREE av are 1 male and 1 female shape, 1 male and 1 female skin, attachment pieces for head, arms, feet, etc, for both male and female.
 2 pair of eyes; round and slitted, female bits on makeup layer, and a flying AO.
The Peppermint Dazzle Bat is featured in the 5 piece hunt going on right now.
Grab yours while you still can!
Shown with this avatar, is the NEW release from Tameless just in time for that snow to start falling.
The Snowflakes Outfit is a Meshy piece of goodness dress that comes with a color change HUD of 3 colors; Red, Blue, and Green.
Included with this outfit are Meshy boots with warmers in several sizes, appliers for Tangos for every colors, alpha layers, and a snowflake necklace.
Pick yours up for 149$L.
A short and sweet blog post, with some wonderful items!
Pose: Flash Friendly Poses – WDH 2 m (free, Winter’s Dark Hunt, part of pack)

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