Left in the attic (Furniture)

Here’s the furniture post for Left in the attic!
Read the fashion post here:

The setup – 

*When you click the tag Gacha under the pics, it takes you to their gacha keys!*
Second Spaces – Monster’s Study – self-help bookshelf
Second Spaces – Monster’s Study – family cameos
Second Spaces – Monster’s Study – recreational reading
Second Spaces – Monster’s Study – apothecary chest
Second Spaces – Monster’s Study – potion ingredients
[ keke ] curiosity bust – now
[ keke ] curiosity bell jar – dragonfly green
[ keke ] curiosity bell jar – scarab RARE
[ keke ] curiosity bust – here
[ keke ] curiosity bell jar – dragonfly blue
[ keke ] curiosity bell jar – seashell
[ keke ] curiosity bell jar – crystal
[ keke ] curiosity bell jar – egg
[ keke ] curiosity bell jar – butterfly RARE
[ keke ] curiosity jar – eyeballs
[ keke ] curiosity bust – still
Dwarfins Grim Reaper Creeper Buddy-Dwarfin Size
Dwarfins Dwarfinstein Creeper Buddy-Dwarfin Size
*RARE* Dwarfins Vampire Creeper Buddy-Dwarfin Size
{vespertine}- mr.vampire bat
{vespertine}- mrs.bloody mary bat
Chair: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Pumpkin Pouf Black RARE

Birdcage: floorplan. haunted birdcage / black [c/nt]
Piano: floorplan.. haunted piano RARE [c/nt]

Other items –
Hatchet: Remarkable Oblivion – Zombie Axe – Bloody (over Shoulder) – GG
*free group gift, fee to join*
Shaving kit:Frogstar – Sweeney Shaving Kit (Bloody)
Building: Frogstar – Sweeney Attic

Canes: ~*Souzou Eien.*~Dapper Cane (Ornate)

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