Let’s fly to the moon

[Fetch] has out some fantastic funiture pieces at a couple of events!
Make sure to grab up the Kuu bedroom set in the Secret Affair, it’s in a gacha with 12 pieces to collect.
There is an adult bed to win inside there 😉
At the Liaison Collaborative, Aless is a cute Thanksgiving feeling set to perk up for the holidays, complete with a barn door wall decor and a table with runner.
{Mango Cheeks} has out these super adorable elephants tied to balloons!
available in a few colors of balloons, these look cute everywhere.
Build: Trompe Loeil – Attic Skybox
*Not Free*
Rezzes For 92 LI
Hot water bottle: -Buttery Toast- Little Hottie! – (Orange) Decor
Rezzes For 3 LI
Comic books: CARGO // Comic Books //
*Not Free*
Rezzes For 1 LI.
Bed/dresser/carpet/pillow/lamp/globe/table/posters: [Fetch] Kuu Gacha Full Set
*The Secret Affair*
50$L per play, 23 LI for set.
Barn door/table/chalkboard/end table/: [Fetch] Aless set
*The Liaison Collaborative* 
Rezzes For 8 LI for the set.
Elephants: {Mango Cheeks} Take Flight
Rezzes For 1 LI.

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