Apocalypse living 101: Setup

Here’s the setup I used for this post!
Apocalypse living 101: Fashion

Build: 100$L
Entity: AntiZombie Liberty Refuge
Rezzes for 31 LI.
Walls in background: Cargo – Junkwalls Series 5 Type 1
Includes 3 types, each rezzes for 1 LI.
Sleeping Area: 100$L
.mien. [gimme shelter]
Rezzes for 4 LI, includes 5 static poses.
Fire pit:
Blueprintz – Fire Pit
Rezzes for 1 LI.
Chairs/table/ladder/freak show sign/: [Fetch] Abandoned Set
Rezzes for 15 LI together, also includes separate pieces for mix and match.
Tree w/lantern:
Sway’s [Enchanted Branch] Lantern COMMON
Rezzes for 2 LI, 50$L per play.
Barrel of water/barrel of wood:
 22769 ~ [bauwerk] 
Bucket Of Firewood COMMON
Barrel With Water COMMON
*Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Rezzes for 1 LI each.
Spices/spice racks/bottles:
*Artisan Fantasy*
   Herbals – Step Ladder Weathered (3 LI)
 Herbals – Spice Tray Weathered (1 LI)
Herbals – Herb Shelf Weathered (2 LI)
Herbals – Oils & Creams 1 (1 LI)
Signs: Frogstar 
Apocalyptia Sign – Honest Tom’s 
Apocalyptia Sign – Lucky Lou’s
Rezzes for 1 LI each, 100$L each

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