Tea for We?

I have brought you several must have, gorgeous fashion from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival so far, but today I wanted to bring you some of the furniture/decor offered as well.
Starting with one of the 2 sets offered by 22769~Bauwerk.
22769~Bauwerk brings us the Mad Hatters Tea Party set.
With 11 pieces to collect, 2 of which are rare, each play is 50$L.
The chair and the table are the rares.
This set includes table, chair, cakes, cups, pots, and more!
Make sure you grab them up before the end of the event!
I really love this set, it looks great together, the texturing is gorgeous, and some of these pieces would look great outside of an Alice themed place.
Moving on to the little things laying around the place, these are also from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.
The White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, and the Flamingo are actually carousel pieces, and they are by Culprit.
The Wonderland carousel set includes 12 pieces to collect, including 2 ares and 1 ultra rare.
Each play is 50$L, and these look super cute anywhere you place them.
Each carousel piece also has riding animations, for authentic carousel look.
I love this set because the texturing is gorgeous and the pieces can be used as not just carousel pieces, maybe as lawn ornaments, or hide the carousel piece and make them look like characters come to life!
I mean, LOOK at the Cheshire Cat’s grin, it’s PERFECT!
Last but certainly not least, the house you see sitting in the back there.
It’s from Frogstar for OneWord‘s theme of Fairytales that starts March 1st.
The Buttercup Cottage is a cottage is a cute 18 Land Impact cottage, with one room, windows, and a pretty fireplace with candles in it.
Make sure to grab this up at OneWord for 300$L, did I also mention that it is modifiable so you can shrink it or make it bigger.
This cottage looks great in an Alice theme if you ask me, it would even look great in other themes, it’s super cute and the texturing is gorgeous, along with the fact that it’s only 18 Land Impact.
It would look great as a wicked witch cottage as well, but that’s for another story.
Get the layout!-
Full Set: 22769~Bauwerk Mad Hatters Teaparty Gacha
*Rezzes for 1 -6 Land Impact each*
*Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Cottage: Frogstar – Buttercup Cottage
*Rezzes for 18 Land Impact*
Carousel pieces: Culprit
W-L Cheshire Blooz
W-L Wabbit Spades
W-L Flameengo
*Rezzes for 3 Land Impact each*
*Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Deer: {anc} mannequin. SnowWhite 5Li RARE
*Rezzes for 5 Land impact*
*Fantasy Gacha Carnival*

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