Late night studying~Fashion

Staying up all night, cramming what massive amounts of knowledge you can before the big test the next day is something everyone has done at least once in their lives.

If not for high school (remember those SATs?) or for college to pass on to the next year, then they stayed up studying for random events like spelling bees or anime trivia.

The post today reminded me of just that, so I went for a full blown stayed up all night studying set up.

The first piece I decided I needed was one of the new outfits from Birdy.


Birdy made these adorable outfits for their Arcade gacha machine.

The gamer collection is stuffed full of not just outfits in 2 styles, but also hand held pets, and gamer consoles.

Their are 29 pieces to collect, 5 of them being the rares.

The common outfits include 2 styles of outfits, foxes and bunnies, and are available in  6 colors each.

Each one includes the Meshy outfit and the alpha layer, and each size in it’s own gacha machine at 100$L per play.

These are freaking ADORABLE and fit meshy bodies pretty good, at least they do the Maitreya.

The ears on the hoods make the outfit complete, and these look great for every occasion!


If you were a 90’s, the nod to one of the best accessories then that Sweet Thing made will make your inner 90’s child squee in delight.

  Sweet Thing made a gacha stuffed full of necklaces, keychains, and bags and they all include Tamagotchis, or even giga pets.

Now for those of you too young to remember, or those who never had one, Tamagotchis were a hand held computerized pocket pet that you literally forsaked all else to feed, bathe, play with, and clean up after.

If you didn’t do these things, they died, and I saw people’s world shatter when this happened, it was like losing the pet you never actually had.

I had several, 6 was the most I had at one time.

I remember Compu Kitty and Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch were my favorites.

Here’s the Wikipedia link for more in to these things:

Click Me!

Now back to the loot that started this blurb…


  Sweet Thing‘s Arcade gacha is called Sleepychi, which is fiting for the items contained within.

With a total of 29 items to collect, 5 of those being rare, there is a Sleepychi for everyone.

Get them on a necklace, a key chain, or even a bag and accessorize every outfit with them.

Each play is 50$L, and the bags are the rares in this machine.

OMG, my inner 90’s child squeed in delight when I saw this, I literally went “EEEEEE, Tamagotchis!”

Thank you Sweet Thing, for making a 90’s staple in SL and making it so everyone could have one!

Get the look! – 

Poses: Flair – Stocking 2

*Not Free, part of pack*

Skin: [Gauze] Chronicle – Naturals – Ivory – F

*New revised release!*

Hair: ::Exile::Give ~ Grayscale

*Arcade, 100$L per play, and includes 2 styles*

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Cupid~ Dark Green Eye

*Not Free*


Nail Applier: Nailed It – Maitreya – Neon Set – Colors HUD

*New Release*

Eyeliner: #adored – last night – black

*Not Free*

Outfit: Birdy– The Gamer – Bunneh – Snow

*Arcade, 100$L per play*

Socks: ::GLAM:: Under-Knee Sports Socks Omega Applier – Wht/White

*Not Free*

Necklace:  Sweet Thing. Sleepychi Digital Pet Neck (Abyss)

*Arcade, 50$L per play*


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