Late night studying~Furniture

Here’s the setup for my last post.

Read it here↓

Lots of goodies from Arcade, as well as a couple of other events.

Including house and everything rezzed, this setup was 216 Land Impact.


House: [Barnesworth Anubis] fairytale cottage


Small tree picture: [Fetch] Fairy Tree Room Divider


Glass rose: {Beast’s Treasure} white-s .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.


Shelf: Scarlet Creative Mesh – My Modular Shelves Option 1

*Not Free*

Room Dividers: *windsong. { window chalkboard divider }


Wood saying board: .*Paper Flowers*. ~ Ever After


Rug: *windsong. emma’s play market { rug pink }


Basket of pillows: [shutter field] basket of pillows

*Not Free*

Backpack: Foxes – Bunneh Book Bag  – Pink

*Chapter Four*


Arcade Items:

[Commoner] The Murphy Collection:

*8 commons, 1 rare, 50$L per play*

 Framed Art

Decorative Letter (Z)

Decorative Letter (A)

Cluster of Candles

Vase of Arrows

Erratic An English Afternoon:

*28 commons, 2 rares, 50$L per play*

25.erratic / aea – earl grey tea box

26.erratic / aea – darjeeling leaf tea box

27.erratic / aea – green jasmine tea box

-tres blah- Hodgepodge -:

Catch All


Morning Start

Paper Pile


*MishMish* Pugs Love TV – Piper Pugman

Pixel Mode – Victoria’s Bath  – Jewelry Tray

{anc} garden. whitebook 4Li

Second Spaces – Cluttered House : charging station

 Zaara [home] : 11 Surahi wine jug

-David Heather-Laptop Case

 8f8 primavera in Toscana Bed



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