Then and Now, a blog meme.

So, the Monday Meme from the lovely Strawberry Singh, throws us back to the very beginning of blogging in SL.

Actually, the very beginning of my blogging for SL.

Here’s the Meme challenge for this week:

Share a side by side comparison of your first blog picture beside a recent picture of your avatar.

Well, my first blog post was back sometime in 2010, I deleted those first ones a long time ago for some reason, leading to the one I have up now for January 2011.

That’s not the post I’m going to be using, as it’s not the one of my avatar that was the most used.

Here is a side by side of my avatars now:

PicMonkey Collage

The first thing you can notice is all the mesh!

With the introduction of mesh, everything looks better, smoother.

My shape is another big change, it’s change A LOT over the years, tweaking here and there to fit my wants/needs, but mostly to fit all those meshy bits.

I’ve also figured out lights and sky presets, posing, and how to edit skin color matching better >.>

Seeing this makes me wonder how I ever walked around like that and thought I actually looked good.

Pre-mesh, pre-Slink, Pre-my shape…

If you are wondering what i’m wearing in both, you can check out the March 2012 post here:

And the March 2015 post here:


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