There will be no Miracles here.

She stares at the sky, looking for some kind of divine intervention.

For the things she has done, there is no salvation, no retribution, no miracle.

She’s killed thousands, if not more, but being a vampire, you have to.

“If there really is something up there, I’ll never get to know.”


So today is the very last day for you to grab up anything from this round of The Fantasy Collective.

Fetch has out the No Miracles sign for 150$L during the event, and it rezzes for 11 Land Impact.

Make sure you grab it, as it makes an amazing picture prop, and looks great on top of a building, or even as a sign for your post apocalyptic sims.


Another preview from the Skin Fair for you, and this time in the form of Plastik.

Plastik has made an array of colors for their new Immortalia Skins, and they are absolutely stunning!

The Immortalia Skin is available in 20 (yes 20!) skin tones ranging from the pale white, to the deep browns, and even fantasy colors of purple and grey.

Each skin tone includes 1 skin base, 8 eyebrow shapers, several options for freckles and makeups, and appliers for the freckles, and a few other surprises you have to find out on your own.

Each tone is 999$L each, or buy the fat-pack for 11,999$L.

Appliers are sold separately, and are all in one pack, and include every applier you could ever need, ever.

There is also a guys version of the skin, in the same tones.

This skin is the perfect vampire skin, it even comes with makeup options with blood and “game face” markings.

I looooove her!

She’s stunning and looks great on my face, will def be my go to vampire skin from now on! 

#3 for the faves from Skin Fair!


Now for this short and sexy dress!

Sakide is participating in this round of The Luck of the Irish gacha with a couple of machines to play, but I really wanted to use this dress because it really is awesome!

The Meril Dress is available to win in 11 single common colors, and 1 fat-pack rare.

Each play is 75$L.

Each color includes several meshy sizes and the alpha layer, as well as an optional wear harness.

The rare though, includes not only the dress in several meshy sizes, an alpha layer, and the optional wear harness, but also includes a HUD for easy color change AND an option to hide the skirt underneath making it so you can wear this as a cute top!

Make sure you grab up the Meril dress before it’s too late!

I love love love this dress!

It’s super cute and fun, sexy all over, and that harness adds just a touch of “oh yeah, i’m sexy, but don’t mess with me.” look.

Get the look!-

Poses: {NanTra} Some Day



PicMonkey Collage

Skin: :[Plastik]:- Immortalia Skin-Femme:// Avicus


Hair: Tukinowaguma Taijo

*New Release*

Eyes: Plastik-Bloodless-Silve


Lips: #adored – vinyl gloss lips – nebula


Teeth: Cain – Realistic Vampire fangs

*Not Free*

Eye makeup: :[Plastik]:- Immortalia Makeup:// Fiora- Black



Nail Applier: Nailed It – Maitreya – Glitter Silver Set HUD

*New Release*

Dress: [ Sakide ] Meril Dress

*Luck of the Irish*

Necklace: Amala – The Coven Necklace

*Not Free*

Ring: Eclectica Skull Ring (a bit scratched) right



Shoes: Glamistry : ERANTHIS Heels – maitreya

*Not Free*


No miracles sign: [Fetch] No Miracles Sign

*The Fantasy Collective*



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