Day #67 A.Z.

Journal entry Day #67 A.Z.

The zombies are still out there, and no matter how many we kill, there are 20 more replacing them.

The human population consists of 50 that we know of, but we lost contact with the others 12 hours ago, with no sign of contact again.

Living has become a bit easier since we found the bomb shelter 3 days ago, and with it, a supply of food, water, and clothing.

We’ve fashioned some furniture out of crates and old bomb pieces we found scattered around.

One of the others even made some decor to make the place cheerier, I feel it might help lighten the mood when things start going south again.

e0132-the2bend2blogo2b4x3The End Event just started, and the theme for this event is well, the end.

Apocalypse, zombies, end of the world type things and with this event, there are A LOT of things to be grabbing up just for when the world ends!

The End Event runs from April 16th until May 5th.

Get the build –


Shelf with water: Frogstar – Safe House Gacha

*Gacha prizes*

The End Event items – 

Second Spaces – fallout shelter – deco door – standing

*250$L, 2 version included*


Frogstar – Apocalypse Survival Counter

*100$L, numbers are changeable*

Bomb chair/end table: NOMAD // FATMAN Set

*350$L, includes chair and end table*


22769 ~ [bauwerk] –

*Full Set for 775$L, includes everything here*

Pallet and Sack Cubechair

 Pallet Bench

 Cable Drum Table

Tin Cans

 Field Dinnerware

Pallet and Sack Cubechair

Mine Chair

Wayward hunt items – 

Snapshot_002[ free bird ] Cast Iron Fountain Wall Decor

Mobile: Fancy Decor: Geode Mobile (touch to spin)


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