I remember…

I remember the chill of the wind snapping through the trees, whistling through the entire place.

I remember the cold, snow covered grounds and the sound of it crunching under my feet.

I remember the buildings sprawling across, filled with goodies from all over.

I remember the giant blue crystal in the middle, a source of power and great photos.

The still glassy water flowing through, and the crystal clear ice atop it.

I remember meeting a cat, a talking one at that.

I remember…

Evensong Woods.

With the start of this years Fantasy Faire in less then an hour, I wanted to reminisce about one of my favorite sims from the past Fantasy Faires.

Evensong woods was just one of the many sims of the Fantasy Faire.

They may be done every year, as different sims, but this one really stuck with me through out the years.

It was during the 2013 Fantasy Faire, it’s where I met Dim Sum the Cat for the first time, it’s where I felt the most at home in the Faire itself.

Back then, I really didn’t have any idea of hot to blog, do pictures in a good way or anything like that, I just took the pictures because I wanted to keep the memories.

So, here are some of them 😀


Here’s me with Dim Sum the Cat.

She was a real sweetheart and took the time for me to do my fangirling!

*I’m the itty bitty kitty*

eda57-snapshot_002Oh my…these silks were some of my favorites to run around in.

The script and particles are ridiculous, but I loved the way it looked lol.

I think I still have it somewhere in my inventory…
Evensong Woods 2013A picture of the place in itself.

It was gorgeous, absolutely stunning when I first entered into the sim, and the white buildings full of designers and their goodies for the faire.


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