I’ve been playing a lot of Mortal Kombat X since it came out, and I’m loving it just like the others.

I’ve been a fan of the franchise since the beginning, and have a few favorite old time characters I like to play.

With the release of MKX, there are a handful of new characters, one of which inspired this look..sort of.

It’s more of a I put on this outfit and this hat and Erron Black is what popped in to my head.

Remarkable Oblivion prepared me for this look with their event item for the Dark Style Fair.

The Bounty Hunter Hat is as usual, a highly detailed piece of art that deserves to be sat in a museum and looked upon through the glass casing that should protect it…Well, we have other uses for some straight up epic Bounty Hunter Hats.


The Bounty Hunter Hat is available in 3 colors, including a pimp purple version!

Each of the Bounty Hunter Hats is 249$L each, or grab the fat-pack for 549$L.

Each Bounty Hunter Hat is a meshy hat, built with a re-size script inside, so you can make it fit your head.

I have a big fat head when it comes to hats and hair accessories, and i made it fit mine with out re-sizing it to a 10 gallon hat.

Snapshot_001So, in order to look like a female spin on Erron Black, or at least some kind of other world outlaw looking for some ass to kick, I went with an outfit that is both functional, and dripping in sexy.

The Amaelle outfit from FDD Stories was perfect.

The Amaelle outfit is actually a put together outfit from their gacha at the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival, and there are several more pieces I’m not showing.

Can’t show you EVERYTHING from this gacha, now can I?

Just know that yes, there are horns for this outfit, and yes they are sexy and look great.

The Amaelle outfit is rigged, and is compatible with basic, slink, and Maitreya bodies, and there is a demo available at the Carnival.

The Amaelle outfit gacha is a 9 piece gacha with 5 commons, 1 uncommon, 2 rares, and 1 ultra rare.

Each play is going to be 75$L, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

*bad joke is bad*

Get the look! –

Poses: .mien. [raider]

*Not Free, part of pack*

Skin: [PixyStix] ::Evi:: Nude in (B) Cream (REG Nip Dark Brow)

*Thrift Shop*

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Irime hair

*We ♥ Roleplay*

Eyes: *The Stringer Mausoleum* Angelica Eyes [System] – Dumahla

*Totally Top Shelf*

Snapshot_002Tattoo: Ghost’Ink Tattoo Classic :: Eldir :: Black ( RARE)

*The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, 50$L per play*

Nail Applier: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Maitreya – Midnight Metals

*Thrift Shop*

Dark Passions Midnight Metals nails

Hat: Remarkable Oblivion – Bounty Hunter Hat – Black (No Materials)

*Dark Style Fair*

Crossbows: [EZ]– Liberator Crossbow

*Not Free*

Cigarette: [NikotiN]    SLIM_Black

*Not Free*

Outfit: FDD Stories *Amaelle*

*The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, 75$L per play*


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