Ever been slapped by a 6 armed goddess?

25b93-fgc2bticket2blogoSo with Fantasy Gacha Carnival swinging it’s anticipated doors open to the public yesterday, I went ahead and started playing with more of the goodies available.

One of those goodies is from 2 stores actually, as they partnered together to make some rather gorgeous items.

Snapshot_005May’s Soul & Antielle got together and made some fantastic mesh heads and accessories for their gacha items, and they are amazing heads.

The Desdemona mesh heads are available in a gacha with 10 to collect, 6 commons, 3 rares, and 1 ultra rare.

This one i the Vishnu rare head, and the rares include a few more options then the commons do.

Each head includes not only the mesh head and an alpha layer, but also a matching skin and eyes.

Appliers are also included for Slink and Omega supported bodies, as well as a HUD with 5 facial expressions and matching eyelashes.

Now the rares include all that and color change HUD for the eyes, and some really wicked accessories!

Each pull is 100$L.


The complete outfit I am wearing is another Fantasy Gacha Carnival item and is from Zenith.

Zenith made the China gacha and in it, 13 items to collect.

Everything from accessories and dresses, to some really gorgeous furniture pieces.

This whole outfit is the rare, and it also includes a crown with multiple ways of wear (Not shown).

I really love the detailing put into this outfit!

Another thing to know about this gacha are the items inside, other the rare dress, everything else is common, so you are looking for 12 commons and 1 rare.

Each pull is 75$L, and there is a demo available.

*Taken at the always gorgeous L’Arc en Ciel Sim*

Get the look! –

Poses: .mien. {dark wings}


PicMonkey CollageFull avatar/accessories: May’s Soul & antielle. Desdemona Azure Vishnu Head

*Fantasy Gacha Carnival *

Hair: Tukinowaguma Boel

*New Release*

Arms: {aii} + Kali Extra Arms V3 +

*Not free*

Outfit: =Zenith=The Empress of China Dress – RARE

*Fantasy Gacha Carnival *

Necklace: lassitude & ennui – The queen’s gambit – necklace, gold / red

*Not free*


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