The Bakery

When you first swing the heavy oak doors open, the smell of fresh baked bread hits you.

The sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffees and teas ignite the air, sending off your drool reactors.

The fresh baked cookies sitting on the counter scream for you to eat them while they are warm, and even offer themselves up next to a glass of milk.

You walk in and place your coat on the coat rack and grab a seat on the bench as you wait for your turn to come up.

Snapshot_00122769 ~ [bauwerk] always makes some of the best furniture in SL, at least in my opinion.

So when I got chosen to blog The Multicultural Menu, and found out they were one of the sponsors for the menu I was assigned to, I squeed in delight!

Their item, or items I should say since it’s a whole collection, is breathtaking!

22769 ~ [bauwerk] made a full on bakery.

That’s right, a bakery.

Not just a building, oh no, they made all things to go inside of it as well.


Tables, chairs, benches, counters, lamp, and the most important part; coffee and baked goods!
There are baked goods galore in this set, including pretzels, cookies, croissants, rolls, and so many breads.

I LOVE these cute little “gnome” breads, super cute and super unique!

Snapshot_004Now, let’s talk details about this bakery shop.

The shop itself rezzes for 23 Land Impact, is 15 prims, and has a touch to open door, it’s also re-sizable so you can make it bigger or smaller.

Each thing has a different Land Impact, but nothing else goes above the 8 land impact for the bread shelf with the breads.

The entire 22769 ~ [bauwerk] bakery set can be yours for 1,630$L, only at the Multicultural Menu!

There are also separate packs of the items, and each one varies in price.

The Multicultural Menu runs until June 21st.

Snapshot_003You may notice a handful of other items, not included with this set, and those are from 8f8; The Petite Joie Cafe set from a previous Arcade round but they are still available at the main store.

Snapshot_005Featuring furniture from! –

The bakery set: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Bakery – Complete Set

*The Multicultural Menu*

The Petite Joie Cafe set: 8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe

*Gacha prizes, 60$L per play.*

27_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Pain au Raisin Set

40_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Cookie Jars SECRET

41_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Coffee Grinder SECRET

38_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Square Coffee Tin- Crema/Monarch/and Original

37_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Round Coffee Tin – Classic/Gold/and Deluxe

31_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Cappuccino Cups Set

28_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Croissant Set

23_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Whipped Cream Coffee Order

21_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Tea Order

12_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Hat Rack

22_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Turkish Coffee Order


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