The dreamer’s corner

I haven’t done just  a furniture post in quite some time, so I thought I would thrill you guys with a little dreamer’s corner I made using some items from around the events, and some ones I had laying around from Arcade.Snapshot_001The fantastic curtains are from random Matter and are for Indie Teepee.

The Fairy Lights Drapery are available in 4 wood color options (black/white/dark/brown) and offers a color change HUD for each versions, each with 9 drape colors and 2 jar lid colors.

The curtains are re-sized here and are 13 Land Impact, but the normal size is 7 Land Impact.

Each wood option is 230$L, and only available at Indie Teepee until July 24th.Snapshot_002Remarkable Oblivion made these awesome fedoras for their item at Indie Teepee, and they are available in 5 colors.

The Hipster Fedoras are meant for wearing, but I think they look great as a decoration item as well!
Each color is 199$L each, and includes a re-script on touch.

The fat-pack is available for 450$L.

Featuring furniture from! – 

Curtains: .random.Matter. – Fairy Lights Drapery – Black Wood

*Indie Teepee*

Stool/guitar: [ zerkalo ] Lonely Bard

*Indie Teepee*

Hat: Remarkable Oblivion – Hipster Fedora – Ironic

*Indie Teepee*

Whiskey: erratic / home – drink / whiskey

*Gacha prize, 50$L per play*

Microphone: {NanTra) microphone 1

*Not free, part of pose pack (Songbird)*

Boat: Kalopsia – Scarlet’s Dream – Boat

*Indie Teepee*

Paris Sign: junk. paris street sign.

*Gacha prize, 50$L per play*

Cd’s: Zaara [Goa party] : Trance Cds

*Gacha prize, 50$L per play*

Journals: -David Heather-Journals

*Gacha prize, 75$L per play*


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