Last day for Hair fair!

Ah Hair Fair, how we love you and your laggy bits of frustration.

The time has come and gone for the yearly Hair Fair this year, and with Tomorrow being the last day, I decided to show off some of the things I purchased and got for free this year.

Almost every place had out a freebie this year, and from what I have seen, most of them have already been covered by other bloggers.

So I’m only going to be showing off a few of what I got,just so you can all enjoy them on my head lol.

*The items not from Hair Fair can be found in my last post here*

Runaway– *Brunette sim*

*All Hairs : 12 hair shades in 6 color packs for 275$L each, 24 hair shades in ombre and roots pack for 300$L, 12 hair shades in essentials pack for 400$L, 1500$L fat-pack*


*Includes face markings on tattoo layer*




SpringSnapshot_005 Ayashi – *Brunette sim*

*All Hair: 250$L per color pack, 400$L per mini packs, and 1500$L per fat-pack.*




!Oleander *Redhead Sim*

*Includes Dipped colors pack and makeup layer nose in 3 colors*

Hair Fair Freebie!Snapshot_006Elikatira – *Redhead Sim*

*Includes Essentials pack and 2 other hairstyles.*

Hair Fair Freebie!


Clawtooth – Noirette Sim

Hair Fair Freebie!

Snapshot_009Mithral apothecary – Noirette Sim

*Includes Busty and normal versions*

Hair Fair Freebie!



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