Mirror, Mirror

The mirror had hung in the gallery for decades, nothing special about it, except it belonged to an eccentric billionaire who paid the gallery to keep it there.

One night, as everyone was closing up, they found 2 red candles lit underneath the mirror.

“Where did these come from?” the guard exclaimed as he grabbed the candles and blew them out.

“Damned kids and their candles, always thinking this mirror has some secret to it!”

He chucked the candles into the trash bin on his way out, shut the remainder of the lights off, and locked the door.

An eerie sound came from the direction of the mirror, nothing any human could fathom hearing, like melting wax and running water.

Smoke filled the air around the mirror, as a figure emerged from it.Mirror mirror face CollageCae has out this gorgeous jewelry set for FaMESHed this round.

It’s called Trilogy, and is sold as a set, or as separates if you just want the necklace or earrings.

The Trilogy set is available for 495$L a s the set, 395$L for the necklace, and 245$L for the earrings.

Each piece includes 3 metal color options, plus 10 stone options via a HUD.

Make sure you grab these up, only at FaMESHed until August 27th!La jolie Rose pose set CollageLa Jolie Rose has out this Awesome pose set for The Fantasy Collective this round.

The Statue Prop is a single prop with 6 poses to choose from, making you look like something coming from the mirror.

This prop is fantastic, it allows for your imagination run wild, as anything can crawl forth from the mirror.

The Statue Prop from La Jolie Rose is available for 149$L each, or grab the fat-pack with all 6 poses for 399$L, only at The Fantasy Collective until August 15th.

Get the look! –

Candles: *paper moon* Ornate Candlestick & Candle

*The Fantasy Collective*

Pose: *La Jolie Rose* – Statue Prop

*The Fantasy Collective*

Skin: Lumae :: Niska : 2 – Satin :: Gateau {DarkBrow}

*Lazy Sunday*Snapshot_006Hair: Tukinowaguma Ophelia


Eyes: [Gauze] Elemental-Glacies-Human

*Not Free*

Nail Applier: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Maitreya HUD – Night Stalker

*Mesh Body Applier Fair*PicMonkey Collage

Tattoo: Ghost’Ink Class Avatar (FGC) :: Baka Tattoo ::White RARE

*Fantasy Gacha Carnival, 8/12*

Makeup: Lovely Disarray – Forgotten Nobility : Zircon [Complete]

*Totally Top Shelf*

Jewelry: Cae :: Trilogy


Septum: Cae :: Septum Piercing :: Bali 3

*The Mix*

Pauldrons: ieQED rivet.pauldron

*We ♥ Roleplay, today!*

Dress: *Figment* Nemesis Silver-White

*Illusion Point*

Shoes: fri. – Effy.Sandals (Coal) – Maitreya

*Not Free*Snapshot_010


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