Celestial Spirit

“Do you wish to form a contract, human?”

Here’s some fantastic things for you today!FGC NOV new logoFirstly, The Fantasy Gacha carnival opens in just THREE(3) days!

This round you are really going to want to save your money until the fairgrounds officially open, because the items offered up are FANTASTIC! 
Including this epic gacha set from Zenith.Snapshot_003-editThe High Elf Priest gacha is packed to the brim with 12 pieces to collect for the set, with only 1 rare.

The High Elf Priest gacha is 75$L per play, and is fitted only to the Maitreya mesh body-Laura.

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival starts on the 12th!Snapshot_007The next thing I wanted to mention was that cStar Limited has started releasing Omega Appliers, designed specifically for the Maitreya bodies!

The tones beginning in A and B have released (cStar has over 100 tones!), and we are moving pretty fast through the alphabet.

I’m lucky that the tones I love are in the beginning letters, including my fave tone in Blush!

The appliers are 350$L each and come with cleavage and regular options, BUT, and there is a big but here…

If you join the cStar Platinum group (It’s 1k$L to join, but the offerings to the group are phenomenal!), you get the appliers for only 175$L, or 50% off!

If you have never heard of cStar Limited, or never worn one of their skins, you really need to try them.

They make some of the most gorgeous skins, and some of the most unique you will see.

Get the look! –

Pose: {NANTRA} Chelsea

*Thrift Shop*Nantra Chelsea posesSkin: cStar Limited – CE – Sweetheart 4 – Blush

*Not Free, Limited edition*

Hair: Tukinowaguma Orietta

*Not Free*

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Ciate~ Sky Eye

*Not Free*Dark Passions Rainbow nails collageNail Applier: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Maitreya HUD – She’s Like a Rainbow

*Available in Belleza, Slink, and Maitreya versions.*

*Mesh Body Applier Fair*

Eyeliner: cStar Limited – Cat Liner – 009 – Hardcore Cat


Complete Outfit: =Zenith=High Elf Priest Gacha

*Fantasy Gacha Carnival-8/12/15*

=Zenith=Himalaya Everest’s Wand(Wear on back) – RARE -copy
=Zenith=Snowy Discipline Arm – copy
=Zenith=Snowy Discipline Breastplate A – copy
=Zenith=Snowy Discipline Hat – copy
=Zenith=Snowy Discipline Headpiece – copy
=Zenith=Snowy Discipline Legging B – copy
=Zenith=Snowy Discipline Long Socks – copy
=Zenith=Snowy Discipline Shoulder – copy
=Zenith=Violet Eye Ring ( Dark ) – copy


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