Wish Inc.

“Thank you for choosing Wish Inc. Making all your wishes come true!”
Snapshot_001The newest round of Gacha Garden is in full swing, offering up a plethora of designers and their amazing offers.

One of those is the unbelievably cute and must play gacha by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations!Snapshot_002The Magic Shop gacha is a gacha packed to the brim with 14 items to collect to fill your own little wish making shop, or even a magic shop.

With 14 items to collect, 2 of those are the rares, and then, there is a surprise for those of you who play the machine 20 times.

There is an EXCLUSIVE wish making computer to be obtained, and you will want to grab it because not only is it cute and awesome, it will be RETIRED after the event, NEVER to be sold again!Snapshot_005The Magic Shop gacha is only 50$L per play, and is only available until August 22nd, only at the Gacha Garden.

Speaking of gachas, let’s talk about the ones from Sway’s at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.Snapshot_004The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opened it’s doors today, releasing another round of ridiculously awesome things for the fantasy lovers to grab up.

Sway’s items aren’t just for the lovers of fantasy, oh no, anyone could love these!

Sway’s made a set of 7 worlds in a jar to collect as one of their gachas.

The Worlds In a Jar gacha is awesome, and these jars are fantastic to look at.

Not only do they have little worlds built right in with high amounts of detail inside, but they also do things.

They all move in different ways, allowing for you to stare into them, and feel transported away to the beach, the ocean, a wintery escape, or even to the moon!

The Worlds In a Jar gacha is 50$L per play, and there are 2 rares to collect from the set.

Featuring Furniture from!-

Building: *Funky*Junk* Weathered Small Greenhouse

*Not Free*

Fence/gate: *windsong. { leila’s garden gates : dark rainbow }

*The Neighborhood, 225$L*

Worlds in a jar gacha – Sway’s 

*Fantasy Gacha Carnival*

Sway’s [Jar World] Beach

Sway’s [Jar World] Snowman

Sway’s [Jar World] Desert

Sway’s [Jar World] Camping

Sway’s [Jar World] Sky RARE

Sway’s [Jar World] Ocean

Sway’s [Jar World] Moon RARE

Rainbow couch: Sway’s  [Draemlike] floor cushion for 2 . rainbow RARE

*Fantasy Gacha Carnival*Snapshot_003Crown on couch: Sway’s  [Draemlike] crown cushion . blue/doodle (wear or rez)

*Fantasy Gacha Carnival*

Magic Shop Gacha- Cubic Cherry Kre-ations

*Gacha Garden*

01{Magic Shop} table A .::Cubic Cherry::.

02{Magic Shop} table B .::Cubic Cherry::.

03{Magic Shop} table C .::Cubic Cherry::.

07{Magic Shop} Magic waterlilly pond .::Cubic Cherry::. RARE

00{Magic Shop} Spell 2.0 .::Cubic Cherry::. SOI

11{Magic Shop} ancient book B .::Cubic Cherry::.

10{Magic Shop} ancient book A .::Cubic Cherry::.

06{Magic Shop} shelf B .::Cubic Cherry::.

05{Magic Shop} shelf A .::Cubic Cherry::.

04{Magic Shop} bookshelf .::Cubic Cherry::. RARE

09{Magic Shop} fairy crowns jar .::Cubic Cherry::.

08{Magic Shop} wishing stars jar .::Cubic Cherry::.

14{Magic Shop} book C .::Cubic Cherry::.

13{Magic Shop} book B .::Cubic Cherry::.

12{Magic Shop} book A .::Cubic Cherry::.


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