Chomp, chomp.

Here’s some great goodies for you today, and I’m really loving this outfit from Yasum!Snapshot_001The stunning Yasum suit is actually a gacha item for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

The Vintage Suit gacha is packed full with 12 pieces to collect, including common pants, common boots, rare jackets, and an epic full 1 piece suit.

The epic is not only a one piece suit with all the items attached, it also includes a peg leg version for epic pirate roleplay!

Each play is 75$L, and there are 4 sizes to play on, 12 items to collect,3 rares, 1 epic, and 8 commons.

There is also a guys size version of this suit, and it’s the same as the female’s except, well….in a guy’s size xD.

Fantasy Gacha Carnival runs until September the 12th.

Let’s talk about girl’s purses for a moment?

Men always talk about never going in a girl’s purse, A because it’s not ok to just rifle through their things, but mostly because B, it’s a a wee bit dangerous to stick your hands in it because you never know whats in there and what could eat your hand off.

Well, Remarkable Oblivion took it one step further and made the Chomp Purse.

*And because I can’t seem to get the right angle to get all the details of those ENORMOUS teeth, I’m just going to prop the vendor ad here*Remarkable Oblivion Chomp purseThe Chomp Purse is exactly as it sounds, a purse which is not only stylish and looks great with everything, but there is also a row of GIANT teeth where the zipper might be.

Made especially for the birthday Collabor88 round, the Chomp Purse was designed in 3 colors, each with it’s own PURSE-onality…ok, I’ll leave now.

Oh, you might want to know the price still?

A cool 188$L for each color, or 388$L for the fat-pack of all 3.

Each purse includes a bent arm pose version, and a straight arm version.

Make sure to grab up the Chomp Purse from the birthday round of Collabor88 before September 6th!

Get the look! –

*Taken at: OUTBREAK Survival Roleplay / Urban Apocalypse*

Pose: .mien. {gala} 02

*Not Free, part of set*

Skin: Lumae :: Niska : 2 – Satin :: Sangria {DarkBrow}

*Lazy Sunday item, still available, Includes appliers, 75$L per tone.*

Hair: Doe: Scarlet (Solid) – Essentials RARE

*Fantasy Gacha Carnival*


[Gauze] DragonBorn Eyes – Garnet [L] and White [R]
*We ♥ Roleplay*Snapshot_002Face/body marks/nails: Ama. : The Grinder

*The Fantasy Collective, 8/22*

Lips: [ MUDSKIN ]_Candy Lips_Sadful Cherry_Dark


Tail: {Nerdology} Imp Tail–DarkTones:Rings

*Fantasy Gacha Carnival*Snapshot_003Horns: {Kii~ coal} horns .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.

*Not Free*

Facial Piercings: – .HoD. – Sanvean MESH Facial Piercing – Razor

*Tengoku no Rakuen furimaketto, 50$L, includes several versions, and facial markings.*

Necklace: Cae :: Spiked :: Choker

*The Fantasy Collective, 8/22*

Purse: Remarkable Oblivion – Chomp Purse – Black


Outfit/shoes: Yasum*Vintage Suit *Epic*

*Fantasy Gacha Carnival*


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