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“What’s the difference between the real world and the virtual one?”

~Asuna, Sword Art Online II

 So among the gratuitous amounts of Anime I have watched, Sword Art Online is still in my top 10 favorites.

I love the story line, the characters are built great, and the designs of the anime it’self are gorgeous.

With that being said, Bokeh made their version of the Nervegear used in Sword Art Online.Snapshot_004Bokeh‘s Virtual Virtual Reality Visor is available at the Gamer themed round of Oneword that just opened on September the first!

It’ll run until the 15th, so you have about 2 weeks to grab up this and the other fantastic items.

The Virtual Virtual Reality Visor is a multiple item in a pack, including a wearable version, rezzable version, and the packaging your new Virtual Virtual Reality Visor comes in.

Each visor is adjustable so it can fit your face properly, and is available in an array of colors (8 to be exact), perfect for anyone’s color faves.

Each color is 150$L, and the rezzable version is only 1 Land Impact!

The next part of my post is the world inside the Nervegear, the Virtual world.
Snapshot_001Remarkable Oblivion  made their 3rd installment of the Witch/spellcaster series, and they pulled out all the stops with this set!Snapshot_002-congratsThe Illusionist collection is a 15 piece gacha collection made just for the Arcade this round.

The Illusionist collection has 10 commons and 5 rares to collect, I’m showing off 2 rares here.

The first is the orb, and the second is the staff.

The orb really moves!

Each one of these comes in a set of gloves, one with the item, and one plain glove, I just wore the 2 item gloves from the sets.

Each play is going to cost 100$L

Get the look!:

Real Life:
Skin: Stix ~ Nighe :Nude: (B) Cream (REG Nip EBON)


Hair: Doe: Scarlet (Solid) – Essentials RARE

*Fantasy Gacha Carnival*

Nail Applier: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Maitreya HUD – Lava Lamp Lovin’

*Vintage&Cool Fair*2293624a1f9bed98d2c2f0aa73b31e8f

Shirt: Gamer Girl Tank – Lucky CC


Pants: Blueberry – Yoga Pants – Maitreya-Black

*Not Free*

Visor: Bokeh – VVR Visor “Pink”

*Oneword*Snapshot_003Virtual Life:

Poses: {NANTRA} Spellbinder

*Not Free, part of pack*

Skin: Stix ~ Nighe :Nude: (B) Cream (REG Nip EBON)


Hair:  [^.^Ayashi^.^] Toma hair (MOH6)-rigged

*Free, hunt gift*

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Sugar~ Blue Eye

*Kustom 9*

Lips: ~SongBird~ Lacquer Lips : Red

*Not Free, part of pack*

Face Markings: Wicked Peach – Priestess Pack 1 – 3

*Not Free, part of pack*

Eye Liner: Stix ~ Brimstone (liners) BIGGER

*The Makeover Room, 99$L 3 pack*

Tattoo:  .Things. – Indrani Fresh Tattoo

*Fantasy Collective*

Necklace: .Charm. Fearis Collar // Onyx

*Fantasy Collective*

Outfit: FDD Stories *Trissa*

*The Fantasy Gacha Carnival*

Hat: Remarkable Oblivion – The Illusionist – Gemini


Staff: Remarkable Oblivion – The Illusionist – Mancers Staff *RARE*


Orb: Remarkable Oblivion – The Illusionist – Magister Orb*RARE*


Slime:  *Figment* Cube Buddy-Green Intense



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