Netflix and chill…

A tradition of mine for Halloween, or October really, has been to spend entire nights curled up on the couch watching at least 1 horror movie a night, until Halloween, where you spend the entire night watching horror movies until you can’t sleep!
With all the Halloween themed goodies for you to grab, it’s hard to just narrow it down to a handful. But one of the places you def want to check out is the Wayward Halloween Gacha Carnival.
I talked about it a bit in the last post, but I’ll plop down a reminder.
Wayward runs until October 31st, and offers over 100 gachas from some top name designers…speaking of that….
Snapshot_00122769 ~ [bauwerk] made my life so much easier with their Fright Night gacha collection. The Fright Night collection is available at the Wayward event, and is jam packed with all kinds of goodies for your night of terror watching. Fright Night offers 14 pieces to collect, and only 1 of those is a rare, all the rest are nice commons! Fright night is 50$L per play.Snapshot_002*When the person you thought would make it out alive and they didn’t*

Let’s talk about something that Myself and my bestie are wearing today  shall we?
These awesome shirts are by Squishy Fluff, and out now at this round of Genre, the theme being Urban.
The snarky sayings boyfriend shirts are available for 50$L each, with 5 sayings to choose from, and 2 colors to grab of each saying. Each one includes the tee in fitted mesh sizes and an alpha layer. Make sure you stop by and pick up one of these shirts before the 10th of November!

Get the looks!-
Snapshot_003Skin: [Atomic] Skin Gacha // Lilith – Creme 2

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Maya hair
*Pastel Goth Fair*

Eyes: Clemmm – Cornea Transplant Blue -Concave
*TAG Gacha*

Piercing: – .HoD. – Broken Reflection Mesh Piercing – Cosmis
*Not Free*

Nail Applier: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Maitreya HUD – Spell Casting
*The Alchemy*
ec7ccd5eea04ac2f99f55b40a1b66c18Ring: LUXE. Dead RARE
*Wayward gacha*

Shirt: Squishy Fluff – Boyfriend shirt – no pants – Fitted! – Black

Skin: Bad Seed – Allison – Milky
*Not Free*
Hair: Doe – Spoopy – Special epiphany edition
Head: Cute Bytes – CreepyDoll head
*Not Free*
Shirt: Top: Squishy Fluff – Boyfriend Tee – Naps, netflix, fridge
Stockings: Sn@tch – Naughty Sport Socks
*Not Free*

Featuring furniture from!-
Dollhouse: Remarkable Oblivion – Hotel Paranoia – The Onlooker – RARE
*TAG Gacha*
Snapshot_006Ghost Sign: .{VileCult}. Ghost Xing
*Witching Hour hunt*

Skelecat: Jian :: RARE Cuddle Creepers – Zip the Skele-cat
*TAG Gacha*
Snapshot_007Everything else: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Frigth NIght


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