Justine, the view from the crowd*Nsfw*

” He wore a white leather body harness with gleaming white angel wings and a white-silver vinyl pouch thong that fully exposed his ass. His white leather collar, new for the exhibition, moved every time he gulped, and a decorative eye mask of downy white feathers hid his identity. He realized everyone would see him practically naked, and yet no one would know who he was, none except the few workers who knew that he was part of the show that night.”Snapshot_001So before we start into the blog post, I want to explain about the outfit and what it’s actually about. 
I’m a HUGE fan of the anime/manga Fairy Tail
The characters, the plot, the animation style, all of it are amazing to me. Gray Fullbuster is my absolute favorite, I even have a figure of him in real life, but he’s not the focus of this post..no, no he’s not….
Freed Justine is. 
Freed Justine is another amazing character from Fairy Tail, using Dark Ecriture and Jutsu Shiki magics and is a master with a sword. 
But where does a kinky harness and angel wings come into this?
Well, that’s where we cut out from the canon Fairy Tail and dive straight into a fan-fic called “Catch the Thunder” by Rhov.
Catch the Thunder is based in a world much like ours where there are no powers, and Freed is shipped hard in this with Laxus Dreyar, another character from the series (Where the 2 should be canon already!).
The series is about a partnership between the 2 and the ups and downs of that partnership, including the one that inspired my gender bend version of the outfit Freed wears in chapter 36 “White bird in a gold cage”.
Freed is taken by Laxus to a BDSM club to be put on display for all to see, he’s to be one of the subjects for the proper use of paddles an such,  and his outfit is like the one I’m showing today! With some minor alterations to fit the female form and for what I had at my disposal. 

Some quick warnings about the Catch the Thunder series:
Yes, it is a Yaoi (MaleXMale).
Yes, it is BDSM centered.
Yes, it is VERY NSFW, and very detailed. 
No, it is not canon with the series.
Yes, Rhov is a god among fan-fic writers, and yes you will get hooked and read all of them and cry when there are no more….her Gratsu (GrayXNatsu) fan-fics are amazing!
Thank you, Rhov, for giving me permission to use pieces of your story, and for writing such amazing stories!

Now for what you came to see!
Snapshot_011The harness set is what set off my idea to do the gender bend in the first place.
It’s by Opiums Addiction & [CON] and is for this round of Romp.
The Slut harness is a multiple piece set, allowing to wear just the harness, or throwing in the belt for the full look.
Includes not only the harness and belt, but also cuffs for your wrists and a HUD that changes colors on every part.
This set isn’t like all the other harnesses out there, which are great don’t get me wrong, but this one throws in some extras you might need in special circumstances.
Those being the plug and the dildo.
Each one is accessible through touch click scripting and you can remove them, add them, turn them on (text pops up saying the speed and such), lock them to certain people, or open the control up and let everyone play.
The harness and belt offer control as well and can also be touched and offer restraint options that’ll set you in different positions depending on what you choose. Offers also a leash option, access options, RLV options and much, much more.
The set is 760$L and is only available at Romp until January 22nd.

Get the look! – 
Poses: . Infiniti . – Behind – Single Poses
*Romp, 200$L fat-pack or 30$L each*
PicMonkey CollageSkin: Lumae :: Adore : 2 – Satin :: Nightshade {DarkBrow}
*Not Free*

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^]  Aime hair
*Not Free*

Eyes:  {S0NG} :: Vampy~ Old Green Eyes
*Not Free*

– .HoD. – Forever – Gloss (Mega Shine)
*Not free*

Nail Applier: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Maitreya HUD – Spring Time Tartan – Gray
Spank marks: antielle. Spanks (Cute)
*Not Free*

Wings: Corvus : White Wing
*Not Free*

Mask: Anachron – Dark Masquerade Mask – Closed – Bandit
*Romp, 95$L per color, includes open/closed versions*

Collar: Cae :: Devotion :: Collar
*Romp, 395$L*

Harness: Opiums Addiction & [CON] Sluts Harness
*Romp, 760$L*

Boots: REIGN.-Kylie Laced Boots (M-High)- White
*Not Free*
Featuring furniture from!-
Chair: The Naughty Chair 1.0a by Dictatorshop
*Romp, 699$L*
Display shelves: ~*Souzou Eien*~ Vicious Implements
*Not Free*


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