Doll Face

Before we start in on this post, I just wanted to say that I am absolutely THRILLED with how this one turned out!
Ok, moving on….
The Arcade will be starting tomorrow, and with it comes another round of gacha slapping to get the most wanted/needed items on the grid. One of those machines happens to belong to the always amazing Remarkable Oblivion, and this time around, they went with a guaranteed must play!
 The gacha is called Junkyard Dogs collection and offers up some pieces any post apocolyptic survivor needs, including walls, tower, scrape bots, mask, and of course a motorcycle.
The Junkyard Dog Collection is 100$L per play, and there are 3 rares and 10 commons to collect.
The motorcycle is of course one of the rares you need to collect, and it’s not just a decor prop. It does in fact have a ton of poses packed into it, male and female both, along with the great pose that’s shown up top.
It rezzes for 15 Land Impact, and you can just plop down on it and it’ll bring up a great little pop up window for pose choices.
I’ll include the gacha key down below.
Arcade starts on March 1st, and runs until the 31st.
Make sure you stop by Stix and grab up their limited edition version of Hera with dramatic dark makeup.
There are only 20 of these skins to ever be sold, making them a collector’s item to skin collectors.
There are 4 tones to choose from, each with only 20 each to purchase, along with a Fat-pack of all the tones (this only had 8 when I was there last time!).
With the Hera skin you not only get the skin in the tone you purchased, but appliers for just about everything, including mesh bodies, body parts, heads, and more!
Each tone is 99$L!
Snapshot_005Get the look! –

Poses: Remarkable Oblivion – Junkyard Dogs – The Ace – RARE
*Arcade, 3/1/16*

Skin: Stix ~ Hera :Limited: (B) Cream (MCL NN BLONDE)
*Limited edition skin, only 20 available*

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^]  Chizu hair
*Lost  And Found*

Eyes: ~SongBird~ Gilded Eyes : RARE
*Twisted Hunt gacha, 3/1/16*

Tattoo: TAOX – TaTToo Appliers Only – Rain VG
*Jewelry&Accessories Expo*

Nail Applier: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Maitreya HUD – Musette’s Manus II
*20Twenty, 80$L, Slink, Maitreya, Omega, Belleza*
Facial Piercings: – .HoD. – Emanuel MESH Facial Piercing – Raven’s Moon
*Tengoku no Rakuen furimaketto*

Collar: Remarkable Oblivion – Junkyard Dogs – Collar – RARE
*Arcade, 3/1/16, included with RARE mask*

Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai – Roller Derby – Bearing Necklace Silver
*Genre, 100$L, 2 colors included*

Long Necklace: UrbnW. Cross/Circle Charm Necklace – Onyx
*Jewelry&Accessories Expo, 250$L per color*

Rings: Ama. : Emily Ring Set : Silver {Maitreya-R15}

Bat: Remarkable Oblivion – Baseball Bat
Snapshot_003Top: *Dilly Dolls* Rollergirl Hoodlet -Black
*Genre, 75$L per color*

Pants: Lapointe & Bastchild Jeans (Feet)- Flare – Multi
*Not Free*

Shoes: {Livalle} Chyna -Lace up Platform Boot- (Maitreya)
*Tres Chic, 399$L each color*
Snapshot_004Featuring furniture from!-
Liberty: Entity: AntiZombie Liberty Refuge
*Not Free*

Fences: CARGO: Junkwalls Series 5 Type 3
*Not Free*

Gate/wall with tires: Remarkable Oblivion – Junkyard Dogs – Wall02 &Wall03
*Arcade, 3/1/16*
RO-Junkyard Dogs Arcade Collection


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