Faireland Travels~Blackmoor

This years Fantasy Faire is in full swing, just bursting at the seams with Fantasy themed items, role-players, enthusiasts, and entertainers from all over the grid.
As every year, The Fantasy Faire is a Relay for Life event, collecting donations for the American Cancer Society, helping bring us closer to a cancer free world.
ff16_poster_mainToday’s travels take us to the Blackmoor sim, created by Lokii Violet of .Arcadia..
Fog snakes down the gas-lit streets. Footsteps echo on the cobblestone but whether friend or foe approaches it is impossible to guess. Shadows loom in every corner as the bowels of the city wake up and the workings of another moonless night begin.
Snapshot_006The Blackmoor Sim is just one of the sims this year’s Fantasy Faire offers, and all of these sims are packed with not only designers and residents enjoying the faire, but also great places to take pics, have an epic adventure, quest areas, and gorgeous builds.
Snapshot_005One of the things that stood out to me was the ambiance this sim has, it gives off this eerily beautiful vibe when you first land, encircled by buildings and looming trees. Fairy lights are everywhere, and there is a cave that leads to an area with a small lake.
It is breathtaking, and a great place to take pictures.
Snapshot_002The outfit I’m showing today features several items from Fantasy Faire, a few are even RFL EXCLUSIVES up for grabs only during the Faire itself.
The dress from The White Armory is one of those items, offering only 100 copies for this color.
Snapshot_001The Shadow of Celesta Gown is a meshy dress featured in the iconic RFL purple color. The dress includes 5 meshy sizes and an alpha layer, all for 300$L.
Remember, there are only 100 copies of this dress available, and once they are gone, they are gone forever!
I really love this dress, it’s gorgeous, the textures are amazing!
You can find The White Armory on the Dangarnon sim.
Snapshot_004Get the look! –
Unicorn: Jinx BE : Mystical Unicorn Standing – “Keewa” Wearable RARE
*Fantasy Faire, Breeze sim*

Skin: Lumae :: Eirtae – T4 – Fawn // Cheri (Brow 2)

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Kai Mesh Hair
*Fantasy Faire, The Golden Delta Sim*

Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes – Starfall
*Not free*
Dark Passions-Purple RainNail Applier: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Maitreya HUD – Purple Rain
*Includes Maitreya, Slink, Omega appliers*
*group freebie, 50$L join fee*

Eyeshadow: !Musa! Eyeshadow Fei Lavender
*Fantasy Faire, The Golden Delta Sim*

Wings: Faeline Fairy Wings – Ayano (rose)
*Fantasy Faire, Serenity Sim*

Hair ornament: Spyralle Art Nouveau Butterfly Comb

Jewelry set: !Musa! Seraph (Dark)
*Fantasy Faire, The Golden Delta Sim*

Dress: The White ArmoryShadow of Celesta Gown Set
*Fantasy Faire, Dangarnon Sim*


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