Fallen from Grace

Her wings were clipped.
Never again would she be allowed to walk the pearl steps and ascend to Heaven, taste the fruits of the gods, nor be in the presence of those above her.
She was destined to spend the remainder of her immortal life in the bottomless hell of Twilight Illusion. 
Snapshot_002.jpgThe Realm of Twilight Illusion is a land divided. Rising out of a vast lake of lava, small islands pepper the view.
Connected by rickety bridges the inhabitants make a life amid the hellish landscape of rotten vegetation, creepy trees, stinky mushrooms, bones, skulls and ravens.
As sulfur and brimstone percolate below the breezes of the upper levels remind of sun and dew, welcoming the visitor into a flower filled meadow where worries are replaced with joy under rainbow skies and a picnic of nectar and honeyed cakes has been laid out by unseen hands.
Sim Created by~Sweetgwendoline Bailey(~*Sweet Revolutions*~)/Eldowyn Inshan(United InshCon.

Fantasy Faire has just 3 days left to go until one of the biggest Fantasy themed events leaves us again for another year. There have been so many things to look at, so many great items and new designers this year!
BluPrintz‘s items for this Fantasy Faire are a mix between Good Vs. Evil, and of course, I went with the evil side!
There are several items available over at the BluPrintz store on Twilight Illusion Sim, all of which can be mixed and matched to make the perfect good or bad resident.
Starting with the Cerafina  set, we have a very sexy tunic with a floating and a rested version included for 299$L . You get a color change HUD with 6 colors to choose from. Buy just the resting version for 199$L.
The Armlets and the collar are the Cerafina’s Armor set and is 149$L and includes black, silver, and gold options. All of them are resizable for easy and perfect fittings.
Let’s talk about the awesome horns and halo set next.
This set is part of a gacha,and this is actually the rare from it. The Cepherio Horns is a packed gacha with 8 commons and 1 rare to collect.
Only the rare includes the halo, and each play is 50$L.
Get the look! –
Pose: {NANTRA}  Degas’ Ballerinas

Skin: Nephilim– Aurora – Corset – Moonbeam
*Fantasy Faire, Dangarnon Sim*

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Thyra Mesh Hair
*Fantasy Faire, The Golden Delta Sim*

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Thea~ Lemon Eye
*SaNaRaE, gacha
Lashes: FATElashes v1.0
*New release*

Face Markings: Stix~ Viking 2 BLACK
*Not Free*

Horns&Halo: BluPrintz– Cepherio Horns w/ Halo (RARE)
*Fantasy Faire, Twilight Illusion, gacha *

Wings: BluPrintz – Severed Wings – FEM – White
*Fantasy Faire, Twilight Illusion *
26366278872_2379369c9f_oNail Applier: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Maitreya HUD – Black On Black
*Black Fashion Fair*
Outfit/armor: BluPrintz – Cerafina  set
*Fantasy Faire, Twilight Illusion *

Under bodysuit: Storybook – The Provocateur – Cross Body – Maitreya – White

Chains: Bliensen + Maitai – Dreki – Anklet for Maitreya Mid – silver
*Fantasy Faire, Lucentia*


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