Target acquirred

The location of the target was kept a tight secret, only those working at the head of the organization knew of it’s exact location.
Everyone knew it was in the office building on 24th&3rd, but that building was 15 stories high, and had more rooms than one could ever need for an office building.
The target was girl, no one knew what she looked like, only that she had exceptional powers and was highly dangerous to the opposing organization.
They would arrive in time to see her vaulting out the 14th floor window, leaving a trail of blood behind her.  Snapshot_001The outfit from Lab737 is amazing.
It’s sexy, fitted for Maitreya, and available only at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.
This is one of 4 colors to collect in the Scythia gacha, with 30 pieces to collect in total.
Of the 30 pieces, there are 9 rares, 1 ultra rare (A full snow color of the outfit!), and the rest are commons.
This outfit has multiple ways to wear, allowing for mix and matching with other items.
This is the full Noir set, minus the headband. Also being shown is the lace top and bottoms set, which is one of the rares.
Each pull is 75$L.
Snapshot_002Get the look! –
Blood Splatters: nefarious.inventions– Splish.Splash
*Fantasy Gacha Carnival* 
Pose: {Rook} Parkour FemaleTwo
*Genre, Part of set, Male&Female versions available*
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Saddy hair
*Darkstyle Fair*
Skin: ::JOLI:: Olivia-Fifty5 Thurs #1-Bare-Pale-BldB-Clv
Not Free
Eyes: 23 {Cutesy} eyes- sky .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.
*Kawaii Project, Gacha prize*
Tattoo: .Things. – Saira Black Fresh Tattoo
*Fantasy Gacha Carnival* 
26947736581_61696e9832_oNail Applier: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Maitreya HUD – Sedate Me
*Darkstyle Fair*
Snapshot_003Collar: Cute Poison – Adored Collar Silver
*Darkstyle Fair*
Outfit: [LAB737] Scythia Noir
*Fantasy Gacha Carnival* 


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