Sorry for being MIA for so long, RL kicks my ass so much sometimes. 
Oh look, more Anime themed things….
So, the above song is an English dubstep version to one of my favorite anime openings ever.
It’s called Unravel, and it’s featured as the opening for Tokyo Ghoul, and the Japanese version is gorgeous, but that is for another post in another time. 
Right, now let’s talk about this ridiculously awesome and cute school uniform from AMITOMO .
Snapshot_005.jpgThis cute one piece school uniform is available at the Okinawa  Festival, it’s going on until the 21st of August, and in a gacha machine.
I love this cute little outfit so much, I’ve actually had the look put together for some time, just never got the chance to post it.
The gacha is 69$L per play, with 13,commons and 3 rares to collect, including uniforms, umbrellas, and a hair style. Th sizes are broken up into different machines, giving you the option to play your size and not have to clutter your inventory with 3 other sizes. Included in the uniform pack is the uniform in the size you played for, a alpha layer and a HUD for color changing the cardigan to 1 of 9 colors.
Snapshot_006Events –
Hair: AMITOMO / rainy day’s morning / RARE2
*Okinawa Festival, 69$L per gacha play*
Outfit: AMITOMO / rainy day’s morning / 6
*Okinawa Festival, 69$L per gacha play*
Umbrella: AMITOMO / rainy day’s morning / 13
*Okinawa Festival, 69$L per gacha play*
Mask: `M.BIRDIE / School look s/s F.mask 3
*Okinawa Festival, 85$L per gacha play*
Choker: TABOU. Apocalypse Chocker- _ Black2
*Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
Poses: .mien. {opal}
*Thrift Shop*
PicMonkey CollageOther items worn –
Left: {S0NG} :: Vampy~ Demon Eye    Right: {S0NG} :: Cupid~ Blue Eye
Body Bruises: Ama. : Roughed Up
Head: SOMEMORE / SaeBom Mesh Head – 10
Shoes: {Livalle} Pamela -Platform MaryJanes- White (Maitreya)


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