Blogger applications, now open!

That’s right! It’s that time of year again, the Dark Passions round 5 of the rotating bloggers group has opened up for applying, and you’ve got until September 23rd to get your apps in.
Basic Rotating Blogger Requirement List:
– Must join the blogger group when invited (This is not the store group)
– Must be willing to have the stores logo on your blog or the store blog listed in your blogroll.
– Must be willing to work with the Blog Manager in reporting posts & issues if they arise.
– Must be willing to use the online Rotating Team Blogger Report Form to report posts or
– Must make a minimum of 1 post monthly* with Dark Passions Products. Blogger teams are
welcome but are required to post an amount equal to one per team member.
* If 3 or more blogger packs are sent in a month then 2 post are minimum.
– Must have at least Slink Hands & Feet as some nails are exclusively slink only.
– Must be ok with receiving select items from events as the rotating team DOES NOT get every
new item/color like the Elite team.

Note: This is the super short list of rules & requirements there may be a few more in the notecard you will receive if chosen.

Not sure what Dark Passions does?
Here’s their Flickr!:

Group Flickr:

Aaaaaand, my personal use of Dark Passions goodies: 


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