“First we’ll start with a little fire. Am I bugging you, I’m not touching you, am I bugging you, I’m not touching you. There – now you’re hot AND bothered.”~Diswyn, the succubus I’m stuck with, in World of Warcraft.

So, before we start with what you all want to see, I’m going to go on a little bit.
I’ve been mia for a bit now, mostly due to personal reasons. My job outside of Second Life at times can be pretty hectic, especially around the holidays, as we do a lot of catering, and since I live in the state home of the Packers, there’s been a lot of parties recently that require catering!  On top of this, our manager is out due to surgery and I was asked to step up and take over some fo the manager duties while she was away. If this wasn’t enough….Tuesday, January 17th… appendix decided it wanted to almost go boom.
A couple of days have gone by, and I’m still on the mend, but I’m alive.

Now for some awesome things!

First, Romp opened on the 15th with more elegant kinky things to grab up and add to your collection.
romp-january-2017One of which is the sexy little 2 piece from Wicca’s Wardrobe.
The Chelsea set comes in two pieces, a sexy tied and belted corset top, and a skimpy tight short skirt, fitted for Maitreya and Slink Hourglass/Physique bodies.
The Chelsea collection is available in the black color for 279$L and includes the top and skirt in 3 fitted sizes.
Buy the fat-pack for 599$L and get everything in the normal pack, plus a color change HUD to change not only the skirt and top into 6 colors but all the little strings and things as well.
Romp runs from January 15th-30th.
snapshot_001The ridiculously cute hair is from Ayashi for their Gacha Guardian item.
The Eriko hair is packed up in a gacha with 12 colors to collect, including 4 rare colors, along with 2 new EXCLUSIVE only colors to the event; the Seahorse and the Anime color sets.
Each set of Eriko hair comes with wearable horns that can be tinted to any hair color and also removed if you’re not feeling to wearing them.
Each play is 75$L, and the event runs until the end of the month.
Don’t forget to grab up all the free items placed out by some of the gachas. Join the Gimmie Gacha group for free and get access to them!
snapshot_002Makeup – 
Tattoo:  [Gauze] Shiva – Fel-Lock

Lips:  alaskametro<3 “Gala” gacha lipstick – 01a

Eyebrows: alaskametro<3 “Glimmer” eyebrows – Onyx

Eyebags: Izzie’s – Insomnia Eyebags less

Eyeshadow:  Veechi – Mythic Shadow [silver]

Body Parts – 
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Eriko hair w/ Eriko Horns
*The Gacha Guardians*

Eyes: ~SongBird~ Supermassive Eyes
*New release!*
*Change the color of each eye separately, or together.*
Tail: + Spaded Tail Dark w/markings + {aii}

Wings: [][]Trap[][][Gauze] Succubus Wings spine

Skin: Lumae :: Eirtae – T2 – Cameo // Bare (Brow 1)

Clothes – 
Top: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Chelsea Corset Maitreya
Skirt: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Chelsea Skirt Maitreya

Accessories –
 Le Poppycock *Malediction* – Apparition
*Gacha prize*

soul aura: **Cole’s Corner** – Soul Reaper

Face Jewels: [Cubic Cherry] {Giza} jewels – black

Collar: The Horror!~ Squishy Collar – Black/Silver (UNSCRIPTED)
*Romp, 150$L*

Laces: [CX] Bittersweet Laces (Dark Tones)


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