Watch over me!

Today’s post features a nod to another game I play, Overwatch.
Epiphany opened up its gacha loving doors to the public on April 15th and wth it a pantheon of gachas with everything from clothes and accessories, to furniture, poses and more. The one gacha I KNEW I had to play was the new gacha from Foxes/Grixdale

This gacha features SO MANY prizes inside it’s unreal, and at 75$L a play, you’re sure to have several pieces to mix and match!
Snapshot_001There are 2 separate machines with outfits to win or the “Hailey” sets, each one hosting sneaker/socks, headphones, wings, outfits, and hoodies. The first machine holds the rare Medic set, which reminds me of a certain healing angel. Along with various other colors, there are a total of 16 pieces to collect, 4 of which are rare (there’s a SECRET rare!).
The second machine is the one I’m showing pieces from.
There is a total of 17 pieces to collect, 4 of which are rare (Another Secret rare!) and the rare set, BOOP!, reminds me of our favorite hacker girl. But, I’m showing you the Ren set, which reminds me of my favorite character and the main one I play, that death dude.
I finally have a mesh bento head!
It’s all courtesy of the Genesis Labs gacha over at Epiphany called Luxury Dream. There are two rares in the gacha, both of which are bento compatible. One of them is a cell phone pose set, the other is the bento head that I’m showing called Sofie.
Sofie includes the mesh head, eyes, ears, shape, and a ton of HUDs for a lot of customization options. Makeup, eye color, teeth options, tongue options. There’s a HUD for animations with all sorts of fun facial expressions you can do. The gacha is 100$L a play, but don’t let that scare you away! There’s also phones, phone cases, skins, and more makeup to win from the gacha!
Epiphany Sim
Epiphany Mirror sim
Poses/Props/Location –
Scene: MINIMAL – Illusion II – *1* -RARE-

Poses: BellePoses – Mayla Bento Hands
*Pose Fair*
BeFunky Collage___________________________________
Body –

Head: Genesis Labs_Head_Sofie_3.2 Bento

Skin: Genesis Labs_Cream_Skin

Eyes: :[Plastik]:– Bloodless Eyes:// Golden AND :[Plastik]:– Sourires Eyes [Experimental-Fem]:// Light (Both included in the :Koei Skin (Femme):// Gilded Gold pack)
*Fantasy Faire, Chaddul Ro sim Sponsored by The Roawenwood*

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^]  Diamona hair
*We ❤ Roleplay*

Nail Applier: Dark Passions  – Koffin Nails – FatPack – Shine For Me
*Cosmetic Fair*
Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Fatpack - Shine For Me_________________
Accessories –

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – Ashira Teardrop – ALL

Clothing –
Foxes/Grixdale – Hailey – Ren set
Headphones – Ren
Optional Cord – Ren
panties -Ren
Socks – Ren
Trainers – Ren
Tube Top – Ren
Wings – Ren


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