Mermaid Astrology

Today I bring you hair from a newly opened hair store called Astrology!
Astrology just released their first hair style over at Uber this round and it’s called Magenta.
Snapshot_002Magenta is a gorgeous long hair, available in 4 color packs, each one 250$L.
Included in each pack is the Mesh hair, and a color change HUD.
The Essentials pack is my favorite pack from the choices, you get SO MANY options to play with, and a color to work with any outfit, even if you are a mermaid.
One of the unique options offered by Astrology is the custom color HUD option and all the included options on the basic HUDS.
I made a custom HUD  so I could show off the Amazing amount of options available to you in one HUD.
a0241b94993e48792470d73dcaa30fd6The custom HUD includes 20 slots you can pick ANY color offered by Astrology and put them in one HUD, making it easier to mix and match what hair colors from which packs you like and getting the best of all the packs in one convenient HUD.
BeFunky CollageLet’s talk about the base HUD options for a second.
Included in ALL the HUDs are options for baby hair, split hair (Make it two tone!), matching skin tones, black roots, edges (turn on and off the hairbase edges), and a random color picker.
While Astrology could be labeled as a brand new store, it’s brought to us by the designer and owner of Alice Project!
Expect lots of new textures, colors, and styles moving forward!
Snapshot_001deviousMind over at Fantasy Faire has out a lIlac version of their Undine mermaid set. It’s the Relay For Life product, meaning the proceeds goes towards finding a cure for cancer. Undine is 350$L and 100% of the proceeds go towards RFL. Included in the set is the Mesh tail in Maitreya, Hourglass body fits, S, M, L, XL sizes for non-mesh bodies. Pasties, fins, and flexi fin add-ons are also included.
Snapshot_004Another great item available in the Relay For Life version is the Koie skin from Plastik and [Trap].
Koie is gorgeous, plain and simple. The markings are beautiful and can be used as any fantasy based look. I love the markings and the options you have for them!
Included in the skin pack is 4 versions of the skin base, appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Omega, Lelutka, Catwa, Genesis Labs, Bentbox and Uni ears. Appliers for just the tattoo are included as well. There are two options for the tattoos; Full face, half face. Along with all that, there are tattoo layers for the tattoos, 5 sets of eyes, 8 eyebrow shapers, makeup, and nail appliers.
Grab up the skin set for 999$L before May 4th!
All of today’s pictures were taken over on the Spirit Pools sim at Fantasy Faire. This is the sim sponsored and built by The Lost Unicorn Gallery. You can find an array of fantastical designers here, and even an underwater area to swim and play around in.
The Spirit Pool by Kayle Matzerath.
Since the beginning of time, The Spirit Pool has served as a resting place for weary adventurers and lingering souls that are not quite yet ready to cut their ties to the physical realm. Mermaids and other seafolk use the pool for gatherings and a constant flow of visitors keep it a popular place for trading.
Body –
Head: Genesis Labs_Sofie_3.2 Bento
Epiphany Sim
Epiphany Mirror sim

Skin/nails: [Plastik]& [Trap]:// Koie Female Skin [FULL]:// RFL Hope
*Fantasy Faire on the Chaddul Ro sim*

Eyes: [Plastik]:Bloodless Eyes:// Silvered AND [Plastik]– Sourires Eyes [Experimental-Fem]:// Darkness
*Both included with the Koie skin*

Ears: [Gauze]&[Trap] Mythic Ears *Mesh*
*300$L, Fantasy Faire on the Mudrana sim*

Hair: Astrology: Magenta Hair

Accessories –
Necklace: [Plastik]
 – Grolda Necklace
*279$L, Fantasy Faire on the Chaddul Ro sim*

Clothing –
Outfit:!dM deviousMind Undine – LARA mermaidTail **LILAC**
*Fantasy Faire, on The Rose sim*


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