It was Bound to happen

I’ll be showing all the items next post, so stick around for an NSFW sexy post featuring all the designers!
Subscription boxes. 

They are everywhere you look and if you look hard enough, you’ll come across one for anything and everything. Outside of SL, they have everything from clothing and jewelry, to foods and adult themed boxes. 
Adult themed boxes….Someone was bound to do it in SL eventually, with the rise in kink and everyone claiming their own kink, there was BOUND to be one based on all things adult and kinky eventually. 
Enter Pale Girl Productions and their newest adventure, Bound Box. 
bound-final-july-participantsBound Box is a quarterly kinky subscription box featuring 12 designers, geared toward the BDSM/Kinky community. Which means this isn’t for your mom, kids, or grandma to see.
Offering everything from clothing, hair, poses, and even furniture, you’re likely to find something kinky or just plain sexy to play with in this box. 
This rounds designers include:
– 22789~Furniture
– Entwined~Hair
– Essenz ~Shoes
– ITGirls – CATWA exclusive ~Makeup
– Salt&Pepper ~Clothing
– {ViSion} -S&F
– Voluptas Virtualis ~Clothing
– Luas ~Clothing
– MODA ~Shoes
– Mon Cheri ~Clothing
– Mossu ~Clothing
– oOo Studio ~Pose
The first round of the box was shipped out on the 12th, and purchasing cost 1,500$L before that time. Now, after it’s been released if you want it, you’re going to be dropping 3,500$L. It may seem like a lot, but realize that all the items you are getting are EXCLUSIVES to the box and most items you are getting the fat-pack of as well.
Subscriptions can be purchased at Bound Box kiosks which can be found at all participating designers’ stores, Bound Box HeadquartersBound Box Marketplace and Gifting options are available.

With all that being said, some more things you should know. 
At the moment, the Bound Box is for WOMEN only and most everything is fitted to the MAITREYA mesh body only. There are some, up to the designer, that have offered other body fits.


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