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Gothic Garage Sale Poster 2017
I got some more goodies from the Gothic Garage Sale to show you, along with some very sharp pointy nails for those of you who want them creature claws and some serious appliers for said nails. 
Snapshot_002To start off with, the nails being shown here are the stiletto mesh nails by Astralia.  They are a mesh nail worn over the top of your fingers (make sure to turn the default nails of your mesh body of before wearing them) and are rigged mesh For Maitreya (bento), Slink Dynamic Hands (Bento) and Vista prohands (Bento).  There are two packs available, both with 2 separate versions included in each. This pack includes both the stiletto and the almond shaped nails. The other pack includes lipstick and coffin style nails.
You can pick up either pack for 399$L, but the appliers I am showing today ONLY work on the STILETTO nails.
Shown here on these nails is the new appliers from Dark Passions called Murderous Metallic.
Koffin Nails Pointy collageMurderous Metallics is a 10 option applier with 5 colors in 2 options. The options include the clean plain color and bloody color options. Now as I said before up top, these appliers ONLY WORK on the STELLETO Astralia NAILS.
That being said, you can pick up the nails here, and the appliers are over at The Mesh Body Addicts fair for 125$L.
Without all that makeup on, you can see I am wearing the newly released Sunny skin from alaskametro.
Sunny collageSunny is available at The Mesh Body Addicts fair for 250$L per tone and is available in 3 skintones.
Includes classic avatar skins plus face appliers for Omega (head only), Lelutka, and Catwa.  Includes no brow version plus brows in light, medium, and dark colors. Sunny is optimized for new LOGO and LAQ Bento heads.
Matching skintone Omega body appliers with additional fits for Slink and Maitreya feet are sold separately. Nail polish appliers also included in natural and French finishes.
Snapshot_010Poses/Props/Location –
Poses: Tuty – 10 Lovely hands – Bento Still Poses

Subway: MINIMAL – Illusion III – *1* -RARE-
*Epiphany, 75$L per play, with 8 commons and 1 rare to win.*

Snapshot_001Body –
Head: [ Akeruka] Mesh Head Lulu Vers. 2.6 Bento

Skin: alaskametro❤ “Sunny” skin – Tone 2 – No brow
*The Mesh Body Addicts fair *

Hair: {Letituier} Skie Hair – B&W
*The Gacha Garden*

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Juniel~ Purple Eye
*Kustom9, 50$L per color*

Nails:Astralia– Compatible nails system (Maitreya Stiletto base)
Makeup –
Lips: alaskametro Gala” makeup – Lips 03 RARE

Scars: Izzie’s – Scar Mix II
*Epiphany, 50$L per play with 13 commons and 1 rare to win. *
Includes Omega, Catwa and Lelutka appliers.

Nail Applier: Dark Passions – Astralia Stiletto HUD – Murderous Metallic
*The Mesh Body Addicts fair *

Koffin Nails - Astralia AD - Murderous Metallic_____________________________
Accessories –
Choker: .:Senzafine:. “Eternal Heart” Choker – GGS 2017 Hunt Ed (Neck)
*Gothic Garage Sale 5$L hunt prize *

Clothing –
Jacket: ::Gabriel::One-shoulder Riders {F}(Maitreya) Black

Dress: .:Senzafine:. “Sophie II” Dress – Crimson [M]
*Gothic Garage Sale, 148$L per color with 6 colors available. Fitted for Classic, Maitreya, Belleza Venus and Slink Physique/Hourglass *

*Uber, 249$L. Includes Maitreya,Belleza, and slink. Includes color change HUD. *



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