The Joy of Burning

So, they started playing Christmas music at work the day BEFORE Thanksgiving this year and as much as I like most of the songs, I could really do without 8 hours of We Wish you a Merry Christmas and Baby It’s Cold Outside. 
I personally don’t really hate Christmas, I don’t particularly like it, but, it’s there and it happens and I can’t do anything about it so.  My RL birthday is on the 10th, which means I was that kid who got the choice of “You can have your gifts on your birthday or on Christmas, it’s up to you.”  
So I got screwed on both days lol
Cureless made the Christmas Nightmare gacha for their exclusive for this round of Epiphany and I fell in love with the player reward, it’s a black and white Christmas dress, perfect for a little bit of dark Christmas feels. 

Adding to that I played with a few of the items from this round of Syndicate Sunday and built up a burning desire to..well, burn something. 
Sorry Emma, you know I love everything you make, don’t hate me for burning your Joy!
As always, you can see all the participating stores, their exclusive 69$L items, and find their SLurls at the Second Life Syndicate Homepage. 

You can play their Christmas Nightmare gacha for 75$L per pull and there are 14 commons, 2 rares, and 1 player reward to collect. Everything is rigged for Maitreya Lara mesh body, there is even a suit that looks a lot our favorite Pumpkin King. 
You can get everything from a suit, some super cute and spooky onsies, pet ghost puppers, stockings, killer wreaths, and sets of some really cool spiral shoes. Like I mentioned before, the dress is the player reward for spending 1,000$L on the machine. 

Epiphany runs until the 27th, which gives you plenty of time to get what you want and also get some goodies for those last minute Christmas presents
Poses/Props/Setup – 
Pose: -Extra- Witch’s Brew

Build: VARONIS – Ascelin Skybox
*Builder’s Box October*

Carpet: [QE Home] Tassled Rug -Dark Holiday-
*Syndicate Sunday*
69$L and includes color change options for rug, tassels, and trim.

Tree: [QE Home] Handcrafted Christmas Tree
*Syndicate Sunday*
69$L and includes color change options for candle holders, wax, tree, and star.

Smol Tree/Joy: Space Oddities – Winter Vibes Joy
*Syndicate Sunday*
69$L and includes table, little tree, and Joy word.

Hanging Ornaments: [noctis] +vintage decorations on hanging branch
*Syndicate Sunday*
69$L and includes hanging ornaments on branch, off branch, and just a branch.

Fire: {Candle&Cauldron} Fireplace Fire
*Syndicate Sunday*
69$L and includes burning fire and wood. Has sound effects and touch on/off option.
This is 6 fires, 2 stacked on top to make a bigger fire look. 

Big Tree: Remarkable Oblivion – Crappy Xmas Tree
*Free group gift, 50$L join fee*

Cabinet: Dragon Magick Wares Gothic Side Table
*Syndicate Sunday*
69$L and includes little side table.
Body/Makeup –
Head: LAQ  Bento – Scarlet 3.05 (Omega Installed)

Skin/Ears: !Lumae Fantasy : All Heads – Elentari // Neutral 

Eyes: [Seydr] Hallows Eyes:Burst:/Submerge

Hair: {Limerence} Evelina hair RARE
The Epiphany
The Epiphany Mirror Sim
75$L per play with 16 commons and 2 rares to collect. 
Rares include detachable lights. 

{Limerence} Christmas gacha special for The Epiphany

Makeup – 
Lips/Eyeshadow:  alaskametro<3 Black Magic” makeup 

Nail Applier:  alaskametro<3 “Ornament” nail art appliers
Uber Cam Shopping Sim 
Uber Cam Shopping Sim 2
85$L Includes fat-pack applier for Slink, Omega, and Maitreya. 
30 Nordic inspired pattern/metallic designs and multi mix options included. 

alaskametro<3 "Ornament" nail art appliers for Uber
Necklace: Kibitz – Naughty necklace – silver
*Gacha Prize*

Facial Piercings:  Astara – Cross Septum  &Bindi
Cureless Christmas Nightmare gacha –

CURELESS[+] Christmas Nightmare @The Epiphany Holidays Edition

The Epiphany
The Epiphany Mirror Sim
75$L per play with 14 commons, 2 rares, and 1 player reward to collect. Rigged for Maitreya mesh body only. 
CURELESS[+] Christmas Nightmare / Killer Wreath / BLACK
CURELESS[+] Christmas Nightmare / Dark Santa Dress / REWARD
CURELESS[+] Christmas Nightmare / Ghost Puppy / BLACK
CURELESS[+] Christmas Nightmare / Ghost Puppy / WHITE
CURELESS[+] Christmas Nightmare / Spiral Plats / WHITE
CURELESS[+] Christmas Nightmare / Vamp Stockings / BLACK


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