Awaiting Santa

Last day for Syndicate Sunday!
Pick up all your goodies, including a few decorations for Christmas.

[Circa] has out these SUPER cute Christmas trees for their item. 
You get a choice of 6 different colored ornaments, ribbons, and lights, each one is 6 land impact.
The lights actually do twinkle but photographing that is a bit tricky! 
Make sure you grab up your choice for 69$L before tomorrow when they go back to full price! 
You can also pick up the cute wreath from The Half Moon Market as well during Syndicate Sunday. 
The Yule Wreath is available in a beautiful red color and is 1 land impact.
The festive wall paper is actual a tapestry made by Second Life Syndicate for Syndicate Sunday.
69$L gets you both a gold and a silver version and each one is one land impact. 
I wanted to talk a little about the outfit I’m wearing as it’s from a brand that I am LOVING everything from. 
MUG creates mesh clothing for not just Maitreya mesh bodies, but also for the V-Tech chest add-on and the options are HUD driven, so no having to change out your clothing every time you wanna wear it. 
Their gacha for Epiphany, called  Naughty or Nice, features not just one, not just two, but FOUR outfits you can play to win, including 2 full outfits. 
The separate pieces come in 4 colors (black, white, pink, and red).
There’s the Naughty pieces and Nice pieces including shorts, tops, slippers, socks, masks, and even rolled up sleeping bags as backpacks and that is JUST the commons. 
The rares are two full outfits, one naughty and one nice. I’m showing off the nice version this time around and yes, the little kitty is built into the outfit! 
It comes with Maitreya and V-Tech versions, color changing HUD for the shirt, undershirt, cat hat, cat eyes, and cat bow. 
That’s 20 commons and 2 rares to collect and that’s not even including the VIP gift OR the free gift hiding under the Christmas tree! 
This set is one of my favorites this time around, make sure you go and play it! 
Each play is 75$L and spend 1,00$L on the machine, you get the special reindeer version of the slippers. 
Poses/Props/Setup – 
Pose: FOXCITY. GSits VOL1-6 (For flat feet)

Back wall: SLS SS Tapestry – Winter Silver

*Syndicate Sunday*
69$L per color with 2 options available. 

Tree: [CIRCA] – “Christmas Jewel” Lrg Tree w/ Lights v2 – Silver Blk
*Syndicate Sunday*
69$L per color with 6 options available. 

Presents: {moss&mink} All that Glitters – Gift Pile (pastel)&(Classic)
*Gacha prize*

VIU December gift

Heater: Astralia – Cozy radiator (VIU gift) Xmas
*Group Gift, 149$L join fee*
Pack includes 3 different heaters with built in poses. Available ONLY for the month of December! 

Wreath: The Half Moon Market – Yule Wreath
*Syndicate Sunday, 69$L*
Arcade Items –
Teleport to The Arcade
Teleport to The Arcade 2
Teleport to The Arcade 3
Blanket: Raindale – Coldbrook blanket
Coldbrook Gacha
50$L per play with 11 to collect (1 rare) 

Book with Glasses: bonbon – train home – book 2 [rez]
Train Home Gacha
75$L per play with 27 to collect (3 rare) 

Book with Phone/Christmas books:  Wednesday[+] ~ Cold Days ~ Notebooks & Phone – COMMON 
Wednesday[+] ~ Cold Days ~ Christmas Books – COMMON
Cold Days Gacha
50$L per play with 12 to collect (1 rare) 

Cocoa/Bonbons: Eliavah ~ Christmas Munchies // Peppermint Truffles
Eliavah ~ Christmas Munchies // Gingerbread Hot Chocolate
Christmas Munchies Gacha
50$L per play with 9 to collect (1 rare) 

Pillows: [Merak] – Winter Pillows B
Holiday Spirit Gacha
75$L per play with 10 to collect (1 rare) 

Body/Makeup –
Head: LAQ  Bento – Noelle 3.06 (Omega Installed)

*LAQ Powderpack November*

Eyes: [Seydr] Hallows Eyes:Burst:/Submerge

Hair:TRUTH/ Teila
*December Group gift, 350$L to join.*
Includes fat-pack of colors and styling HUD.

Makeup – 
Lips/Eyeshadow:  alaskametro<3  “Noelle” makeup
Uber Cam Shopping Sim 
Uber Cam Shopping Sim 2
85$L per applier pack with Omega, Catwa, and Lelutka available. 
Fat-pack it for 200$L. 

alaskametro<3 "Noelle" makeup palette for Uber
Face mark: THIS IS WRONG Sadsong – 11
69$L per play with 11 commons and 1 rare to collect. 
Includes Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, appliers for bodies and Lelutka, Catwa and now OMEGA appliers for faces. 

THIS IS WRONG Sadsong gacha - exclusive for anyBODY


Mug Naughty or Nice gacha – 
The Epiphany
The Epiphany Mirror Sim
75$L per play with 20 commons and 2 rares to collect. 
Maitreya and V-Tech fitted. 
Mug – Naughty or Nice – #18 Nice Sleepybag Pink
Mug – Naughty or Nice – #14 Nice Mask Pink
Mug – Naughty or Nice – #21 Nice Slippers White
Mug – Naughty or Nice – #1 Nice Nighty RARE
Mug – Naughty or Nice – #20 Nice Socks Pink (These have been HIGHLY edited. I couldn’t make them fit properly on my legs, it could just be my avatar or who knows what but I ended up cropping them down quite a lot.)

Mug - Naughty or Nice Gacha

Mug - Naughty or Nice VIP GIFT

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