Please, come back…

This whole outfit is Cherry! 
If the phrase is lost on you, refer to 1960’s slang because I’m a dork and that used to be one of my favorite sayings. 
It’s basically an old way of saying neat, awesome, sweet, or dope. 
I think it’s also a better way of saying it. 
Anyway, now that your slang word lesson is over for the day, there is a reason why this outfit is not only “cherry” bit also….cherry, as it’s almost entirely comprised of pieces made by [Cubic Cherry]
The sweater, skirt, mask, bat, nose bandage, and collar are all from the Trouble gacha over at Epiphany. 
You can spin the machine for 75$L and win one of 17 commons or the rare. 
There are multiple masks, bats, and nose bandages to win, along with the rare sweater.
The sweater include a color change HUD with 6 colors and the option to change the main sweater color, sleeves, cuffs, and pocket. 
The skirt is the VIP reward, meaning once you spend 1,000$L on the machine you win the skirt, and it comes with a color change HUD with 6 colors for just the main part.
You can trade in 25 Epiphany points for the collar which also comes with the color change HUD with 6 color options.
Skirt and sweater are rigged for Maitreya Lara mesh body only, masks and bandages are resizable and the bats include a wearable and rezzable option. 
Epiphany runs until the 27th of December, giving you ample tine to play the machines for yourself or get some nice Christmas gifts for your friends.  
Poses/Props/Location – 
Pose: FOXCITY. Cute But Psycho Bento Pose Set
*Fatpack Exclusive*

Taken at: Ironwood Hills 
Head: LAQ  Bento – Scarlet 3.05 (Omega Installed)

Skin: !Lumae LAQ & GAEG Omega – Elvi – T2 // Neutral (WEAR)

Hair: [RunAway] Josie Hair

Eyes: [Seydr] Hallows Eyes:Submerge:
Makeup –
Tears: LAQ ~ Falling Tears

Eyeshadow/Lips: alaskametro<3 “Lady Venom” makeup
*Gacha prize*

Blush: Misschevious – Cold Cheeks 

Scratch: Clemmm – Scratched Blushes

Nail Applier: Dark Passions – Naughty Or Nice gacha
 50$L per play with 11 commons, one rare, and one Seed of Inspiration. 
Each play gets Slink/Omega & Maitreya for toes & tips

Dark Passions - KN - Imaginarium Dec 2018 - Naughty Or Nice Gacha

Dark Passions-C

Clothing/Accessories – 
Socks:  MUKA* Garter Thigh Socks – Lara

Boots: [Cubic Cherry] {Lenn} combat boots (rigged Female)
*The Mens Dept.*
Includes sizes rigged male/unrigged male – rigged female/unrigged female
HUD with 18 colors for individually: front, back, main part, label, sole and strings
[Cubic Cherry] – Trouble gacha
The Epiphany
The Epiphany Mirror Sim
75$L per play with 17 commons and 1 rare to collect. 

00[Cubic Cherry] {Trouble} skirt VIP

01[Cubic Cherry] {Trouble} sweater RARE
excl.[Cubic Cherry] {Trouble} collar POINT PRIZE (retired after event)

02[Cubic Cherry] {Trouble} mask black
10[Cubic Cherry] {Trouble} bat black (hold)
13[Cubic Cherry] {Trouble} bandaid red

{Trouble} gacha set @ Epiphany

{Trouble} gacha set @ Epiphany excl & VIP

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