Drink Deep

Today’s post features quite a few things that you really, really need in your collection. Especially the things from Candle & Cauldron from two events going on right now! 
For their item over at the Winter’s Hollow event, C&C put out this GORGEOUS and warm kitchen fireplace that fits into every kitchen.
The Kitchen Witch Hearth is a 5 land impact oven/stove combo with roaring fire and shiny bricks.
The fire is touch click on/off and the bottom left door also opens/closes via touch click. There is also included, a color change HUD with 4 metal, 3 back-splash, and 3 frame colors to play with giving you customization options. 
You can pick up the Kitchen Witch Hearth for  300$L at Winter’s Hollow until 12/31.
The next item, or I should say ITEMS, are over at Second Life Syndicate (SLS)’s Naughty Vs. nice event. 
If you were here during my coverage of the SLS Trick or Treat event during Halloween this year, you’ll know how this works and if not, you can read the directions and look at all the prizes available HERE.

The Naughty Vs. Nice set features 10 exclusive event items in the machine and one VIP reward item for those who spend the 100$L and buy the HUD. 
Each play is 25$L and there are NO DOUBLES!
There is everything from diffusers and candles to mugs and incense holders. 
But my personal favorite are the tumblers. 
The one I’m using here is the Binchotan version of the Elixir bottles. 
It has a click on/off top and a drinking animation which you can see below. 
Each one comes with a color change HUD with 7 base colors and 7 band colors. 
Naughty Vs. Nice runs until 1/5.

I’m gonna be setting up the credits a tad differently this post, as I’m covering two phenomenal events and I have quite a bit from each. Instead of the usual sections, we’re gonna have “SLS Naughty Vs. Nice”, “Winter’s Hollow” and “Other”. 
Dark Passions Winter’s Hollow event – 
Fireplace: {C&C} Kitchen Witch Hearth
300$L, 5LI, color change HUD included. Touch on/off fire, open/close door.

Table: {RW} Winter Solstice Altar
250$L, 12LI.

Shelf: V.R. Winter Solstice Shelf
160$L, 5LI, accessories included. 

Hanging Crystals: *lunacy* // Crystal Desire
250$L, 1LI, includes color change HUD for crystals and metals. 

Dress: :: ANTAYA :: Gown “Lamia” – Maitreya
199$L per color with 5 colors available. Fitted for Maitreya mesh body, Fat-pack it for 899$L.

Second Life Syndicate Naughty Vs. Nice event – 
Candle and Cauldron items: 
25$L per play with 10 normal prizes and 1 VIP prizes to collect. 

{C&C} Binchotan Bottle – Right (Worn)
{C&C} Vintage Candlestick Crystal – Amethyst Large
{C&C} Ethereal Diffuser – Moons and Stars
{C&C} Jar of Charcoal (Gives the symbols on the floor)

Hair: Astrology: Amber Hair -Light pack-
50$L per play with 12 normal prizes and 1 Fat-pack VIP prize.

Other items – 

Pose: {NANTRA} High Society

Skybox: VARONIS – Ascelin Skybox
*Builder’s Box October*

Skin/Ears: !Lumae Fantasy : All Heads – Elentari // Neutral 

Head: LAQ  Bento – Scarlet 3.05 (Omega Installed)

Eyes: [Cubic Cherry] {Necron} mesh eyes
*Past hunt gift*

Blush: Misschevious – Cold Cheeks 

Nails: ::SlackGirl:: Crow Bento Mesh Nail Maitreya
*Past hunt gift*

Lips: Mad‘ – Dirty Lips v2 (Tinted)

Eyeliner: alaskametro<3  “Babygoth” makeup 

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