So, anyone who knows me knows that
A. I am obsessed with anime
B. My OTP (one true pairing) are these two idiots.
Rin (red hair) and Haru (Black hair) from Free. 

And C. I can’t get enough of BL…
BL, or Boys Love as it were, is a type of manga/anime in which the main pairing is two guys. 
Take it one step further and you have Yaoi, which is the same thing except it becomes more…adult. 
Yes, I am THAT girl.
There is a Japanese term for it actually…
Fujoshi (Rotten girl).
Snapshot_001When I started making the sets I was going to release for the Naughty Vs. Nice event, I knew I had to make a Fujoshi Trash set because it NEEDED to be made. 
You can win it for 25$L over at my machine during the event, if you want it bad enough.
The sets are made in Maitreya size only and are a tank top and pantsu set, you can wear separately if you wish. 

There are 10 sets of snarky, witty, and just plain rude sleep wear to win and if you’re so inclined to buy the VIP HUD for 100$L, you can win the glittery bow pasties after collecting the 10 sets. 
Is it shameless to blog my own things? 
But, I am a rotten girl so, it’s expected of me.
Snapshot_002Poses/Props/Setup – 
Pose (MODDED): .La Baguette. Moaka G.Sit 6

Bed: Bee Designs Jeane Bedroom set A 2
*Shiny Shabby*
399$L and includes bed and bed/nightstand/posters option. 

Room and most decor: {Lovefox} Anime Room; Bedroom
*Gacha prizes*

Laptop (Edited): .peaches. Tap That App – Laptop

Novel: [Soul Mates] BL Novel
*Gacha prize*

Hanging Crystals: *lunacy* // Crystal Desire
*Dark Passions Winter’s Hollow event*
250$L, 1LI, includes color change HUD for crystals and metals. 

Snowglobe: Astara – Winter Snowglobe 
*Dark Passions Winter’s Hollow event*
100$L, 5 LI. Includes color change HUD for both globe and Base, spins snowflakes on walls and surrounding area. 

Princess sign: Astara – Slutty Princess
*Second Life Syndicate Naughty Vs. Nice event*
25$L per play with 10 normal prizes and 1 VIP prize to win. Color change.

Naughty vs Nice 2018

Diffuser: [Candle and Cauldron] Ethereal Diffuser – Tentacle
25$L per play with 10 normal prizes and 1 VIP prizes to collect. 

Phone:[VO.Z] Phone Zhi Kai Xin – Love Pills
*Shiny Shabby*
Gacha Prize

Tentacle: HILTED – Tickle Me – Neon Red
Body – 
Head: LAQ  Bento – Scarlet 3.05 (Omega Installed)

Skin: Essences Lucia #Pale01
*LAQ Powderpack November*

Eyes: [Seydr] Hallows Eyes:Burst:/Submerge

Hair: Astrology: Aurora Hair -Dark pack-
*Second Life Syndicate Naughty Vs. Nice event*
50$L per play with 12 normal prizes and 1 Fat-pack VIP prize.

Makeup – 
Eyeshadow: alaskametro<3 “Rebel” makeup palette – eyeshadow 01

Nosebleed: Clemmm – Nosebleed .7

Tattoo: THIS IS WRONG Delight tattoo
*Spectrum Event*
Includes Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink appliers. 

Nail Applier: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – FatPack – Metallic Kisses 
*Seduction Fair*
*150$L fat-pack with Slink, Omega & Maitreya appliers. 

Koffin Nails - Fatpack - Metallic Kisses

Collar: [Fetch] Prissy Collar

Sleepwear set:  IDK/IDC~Fujoshi Trash~Blak/red~Mait
*Second Life Syndicate Naughty Vs. Nice event*
25$L per play with 10 sleepwear sets, one VIP fat-pack of glitter bows. 

IDK/IDC~Naughty/Nice sets

VIP prize~Naughty/Nice Tiny Bow pasties.

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