I Am Catwoman. Hear Me Roar!

 know, it’s been a minute since my last post! 
I’ve been busy working away on getting things straightened out with Deadly Nightshade, Dark Passions, and dealing with the gratuitous amount of snow and negative 60 degree weather. 
But, I’ve come bearing gifts of new items and some fun Batman villain goodies!
snapshot_001The Asylum Villains gacha by Curemore is another fantastic collaboration between the creators of Cureless and Moon Amore and is available over at this round of Epiphany
You can get some of your favorite villains, all female form of course, as the items are rigged only for Maitreya mesh body.
You’ll find Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and of course, the Joker in all their glorious villainy here. 
Each play is 75$L and there are  20 commons, 2 rares and 1 VIP roll reward (Spend 1,000$L and get the reward!) to collect including bodysuits, shoes, earrings, weapons, masks and more!
Make sure you stop over to the Epiphany before February 12th to play this and all the other great machines there!
I picked up a couple of new designer friends to show items off for and one of those isHILTED
HILTED makes adult themed goodies, you’ve seen one of them before in this post.

The backdrop is one of their items but let’s talk about one of their new releases first.
The Tagged Collar is one of the newest releases and can be found over at the Suicide Dollz Event. 
The collar features a leather collar with 3 colors for the inside and outside (also tintable!), 3 metal textures, and 9 ones (1 plain) tag textures. 
You can pick up the Tagged collar for 199$L (each tag is separate), or fat-pack the whole thing for 349$L until February 8th. 
Pose/Props/Setup – 
Pose: *FN* Impetuous Rover Pose

Backdrop: HILTED – Fracture Wall – Red Yellow
Body –
Head: LAQ  Bento – Scarlet 3.05 (Omega Installed)

Skin: !Lumae LAQ & GAEG Omega – Elvi – T2 // Neutral (WEAR)

Hair/Bow:  TRUTH/ Batty 
*Group gift, 350$L to join.*
Includes fat-pack of colors and styling HUD.

Eyes: adoness : lucus : eyes : vibrant blue : DK :
*Gothic Garage Sale*
40$L per color with 9 colors available. 

Makeup:  alaskametro<3 “Babygoth” makeup palette
Clothing/Accessories – 
Collar: HILTED – Tagged Collar – Fatpack Collar
*Suicide Dollz*
199$L per tag/349#L fat-pack, Includes color/texture change options. 

Clothing: CUREMORE / AsylumVillains 
The Epiphany
The Epiphany Mirror Sim
75$L per play with 20 commons, 2 rares, and 1 VIP Roll reward to collect.

CUREMORE / Asylum Villains @The Epiphany!

CUREMORE / AsylumVillains / Kitty’s Whip
CUREMORE / AsylumVillains / Short Gloves / Kitty 
CUREMORE / AsylumVillains / Boots / Kitty 
CUREMORE / AsylumVillains / Evilsuit – Kitten
CUREMORE / AsylumVillains /Kitten Mask
CUREMORE / AsylumVillains / Kitty Claws / Gloves ADDON VIP ROLL REWARD

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