“And power-hungry Slytherin Loved those of great ambition.”

“You could be great, you know, it’s all here in your head, and Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness, no doubt about that.” 
I wanted to try my hand at making the Hogwarts Houses and of course Slytherin would be the first one I would try my hand at. You can thank ritual for this, by the way, with their release of the house skins over at the Magik event.
I’m in love with the new Hogwarts houses inspired skins Ritual has made.
Of course, I love everything Ritual makes so, this isn’t a big surprise. BUT I do love that each house is represented in their own unique style and the makeup up is GORGEOUS on the skins! 

This is the Slyther skin in the tone 3, which is a lighter tone, and featuring bold green eye shadow and lip color.
You can pick up each of the houses in a duo pack of skins for 100$L and there are 6 tones each.
So how this works, You can by the Slyther skin in tones 3&4 for 100$L, or tones 5&6 for 100$L.
Each house skin set is setup like this.
Included in each duo set is a ridiculous amount of add-ons, appliers, and such. The list is as follows: 
PLEASE NOTE : Natural Tones have Four Brow options .. Fantasy Tones have Three brow options.Both come with freckle and no freckle. Fitted for the following mesh head brands
+ LAQ (Omega) + Genus + LeLutka + Catwa
4 Cleavage options / freckle and no freckle. Fitted for the following mesh body brands
+ Maitreya + Belleza + SLINK + Tonic + Omega + V – Tech
+ Classic Skins 
+ A pair of Elvish Ears are included in a matching tone
Bakes on Mesh layers are included in a separate HUD.
It’s an insane amount of things, just about everyone can wear them and support your house! 
Magik event runs until November 14th, so make sure you grab the skins at this discount price as they will be going back to the normal price of 895$L per duo pack.
Pose/Props/Location –

Pose: {NANTRA} Gothika 
*The Liaison Collaborative*
250$L fat-pack with 6 poses and 6 mirrored poses. 

Skybox: SynCo – Eerie Dream Skybox
*The Liaison Collaborative*
499$L, 37 Land Impact and includes 5 curtain, 5 metal preset colors with a color picker HUD also included. Also includes privacy bubble with sky change.

Rug: Architect. After hours Rug [A]
*Past Builders Box item*

Clock: Raindale – Spiritvalley clock (black)
*Trick or Treat Lane*
200$L, 3 Land Impact and includes scripted/non scripted versions and two colors. 

Fireplace: 36 – DRD – Bloodcroft Castle – Gothic Fireplace – Short
*Gacha Prize*

Potion shelf/cauldrons/Jars Shelf: LiViD : The Witch’s Kitchen gacha
*Gacha Prizes*

Candle cauldrons: {C&C} Illuminated Cauldron – Ball
*Trick or Treat Lane*
175$L, 2 Land Impact and includes color change HUD.

Broom stick candles: {C&C} Illuminated Besom – Wall Mount 
*Trick or Treat Lane*
200$L, 2 Land Impact each with 4 versions included. Also included is a color change HUD. 

Cat: projectMAEHEM industries – 7. Spoopy Cat – Shadow Figure (Common) a
*Gacha Guild*
50$L per play with 11 to collect.
Body –
Head: LAQ  Bento – Scarlet 3.05 (Omega Installed)

Skin: [ RITUAL] – Slyther Skin -tone 3
*MAGIK Event*
100$L per duo skin tone pack, per house color.
Each of the houses are represented in makeup colors, in 6 tones each. 

Eyes: .euphoric ~Kumi Eyes Collection ~[Laq]
*LAQ PowderPack JUNE*

Hair: Raven Bell – Zylith Hair [F1]
*Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa*

350$L per color pack with 2 color packs available. 
Fat-pack it for 700$L and get the Mystic color pack included. 
Celestial color pack sold separately for 250$L.
All packs include 2 male and female options and mirrored styles. 
Makeup –
Nails: Mug – Witchy Hands – #7 Nail Set
75$L per play with 14 commons and 2 rares to collect. 
Each nail set includes HUD with Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink fits. 
Clothing/Accessories –
Rings: lassitude & ennui Haunted rings
25$l per play with 16 commons and 4 rares to collect. 
Fitted for Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink bodies. 

Hand Serpent: [Salem]  Hand Serpent // Black

Top/Coat: Hotdog – Futuristic lab coat . F
350$L fat-pack with 10 colors included. Includes male and female fits. Also includes color change HUD with inside coat color/shirt color/outside coat color options. 
Bloody version also available for 350$L,

Bottoms: [RED GIRL] Aged Black Leather Pants – Maitreya
*The Dark Style Fair*
250$L fat-pack with 10 colors included. 

Fitted for Maitreya and Belleza Jake. 

Septum: *PKC* Batsy Septum
*Trick or Treat Lane*
Trick or Treat gift.

Lip piercings: *PKC* Skull Bento Lip Piercing – LAQ Noelle

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