Where the fuck am I…?!

There’s no way I could get the Devil Slayer set from Valentine and NOT do it up in cyberpunk, it just screamed to me “NEEDS AUGMENTS” and, here we are. 
Also,  Drune: East Of Eden is possibly my new favorite cyberpunk sim to explore and take pics on. It’s stunning and even has a restaurant named Akira on it.

The Devil Slayer gacha was my down fall this round at Arcade.
I was doing fine, got all the pieces from other gachas I wanted and this bad boy pops up on my radar and bitch slaps me with a big ol’ “BUY ME NOW” sticker. 
And…I did. 

23 pieces to collect all together, including 3 rares, and that sword was the death of me as it was the last piece I needed to get
75$L per play gets you a piece of the collection which are fitted to Maitreya and for V-Tech boi chest add-on, which is nice because sometimes, I don’t wanna be a buxom babe kicking ass in the future. 
Arcade runs until December 31st. 
Snapshot_002Pose/Props/Location –

Pose: Kokoro Poses – Jack – Fatpack (Bento Pose)
Pose 5 (Phone not included)

Taken at: Drune: East Of Eden
Drune: East of Eden is a sci-fi sim in Second Life with a cyberpunk feel, inspired by films like Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, Necromancer, and Altered Carbon.
Eden is a sector 7 district on the East side, rumored to be “a place of commotion and carnal disquietude.” Pino 2051 the successor to Pino-1951 is also here.

Body –
Head: LAQ  Bento – Scarlet 3.05 (Omega Installed)

Skin:[Pink Fuel Sora <Alabaster> – Special Edition

Eyes: .euphoric ~Jee Eyes Applier ~[Laq]

Hair: Dura-U97-HAIR-FAT PACK1:left

280$L per color pack with 6 color packs available. 
Includes left/right options. 

Ears: .random.Matter. – Junee Human Ears

Arm: ANTINATURAL[+] Metamorphose2077 / Power Gloves / LEFT / RARE

Chest: [V-Tech]Boi Chest Mod
Makeup – 
Facial scars:  -[TWC]- Mercenary Scars 

Body bruises: -[TWC]- Soft Fight

Jaw: ANTINATURAL[+] Metamorphose2077 / Droid Jaw / BLACK
Accessories –
Lip piercings: *PKC* Skull Bento Lip Piercing – LAQ Noelle

Cigarette:  [ kunst ] – Slim Cigarette (left)

Collar:  Kibitz – buckled choker – black – silver

Glove: ANTINATURAL[+] Deathracer / Driving Glove R / MAITREYA / RARE

Navel piercing: Meva Belly Piercing rigged complete Silver
Clothing –
Outfit:  {Valentine}Devil Slayer gacha
74$L to play, 20 Commons and 3 Rares to collect.

Fitted for Maitreya and V-Tech. 
Jeans(RARE) include female +3 bulge versions
 Arm Chain- Black
 Holster Belt RARE
 Jeans(Female) RARE
Pistol(Holsted) – Black
 Sword(Sheathed Rigged) RARE
Top(V-Tech) – Black

{Valentine}Devil Slayer - Gacha @ Arcade

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